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10 Colleges with the Best Dorms

Below, I’ll explore some of the most luxurious student dorms in the U.S., complete with gorgeous architecture and a dining hall that won’t leave you hungry!

Student Contributor, Jasmin Kaur

May 05, 2022

10 Colleges with the Best Dorms
Looking for something beyond the dreaded communal bathrooms and paper-thin dorm walls?
Moving away from home for the first time can be an anxious ordeal, from figuring out what to purchase vs. finding the ideal roommate, a little anxiety is normal. And it can be a relief to know what amenities your future residence holds to ease some of that stress! From private bathrooms to a thriving community culture, these student dorms can help make the process a little less daunting and provide comfort and a sense of home-away-from-home as you transition to university life. Below are the top ten best college dorms (in no specific order) in the United States, hosting anything from a sundeck to a walk-in closet, replete with nationally ranked dining halls!
  1. Washington University in St. Louis

    Considered as having some of the most luxurious dorms rooms in the nation, WashU students enjoy private bathrooms as part of a suite, shared by 4-6 people (far better than the entire floor), and a residential community setting focused on inclusivity and a growth mindset. Additionally, the dining hall is argued to be one the finest, ranging from Asian and Hispanic food offerings to the traditional comfort of fries and sandwiches, matching the school’s “work hard, play hard” motto!
  2. Bowdoin College

    Ranking as the second-best liberal arts school in the United States, Bowdoin offers a nationally recognized residential system with its academic prowess. Divided into residential halls for incoming freshmen and 8 “College Houses” for upperclassmen, all featuring spacious rooms and the charming New England personality, a community setting is especially emphasized at Bowdoin. Additionally, the dining hall offers a wide variety of cuisines, even hosting an annual fall lobster bake!
  3. Pomona College

    Pomona College has the academics, the weather, the food, and fancy dorms. What’s not to love? Hosting rooftop gardens with its two newest dorms, Dialynas and Sontag Halls, Pomona hosts an environmental-friendly campus dedicated to community and exploration. Modeled after the classic New England liberal arts college, the fair California weather and sun provide a pleasant exception to the brutal northern winters!
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    While MIT is notorious for its academic difficulty, the work does not come without some incentive! Simmons Halls, known to host one of the best dining halls in the nation, also has a ball pit!
    There are also numerous lounges and multi-purpose rooms hosting expansive projection screens. Combined with its campus-wide pranking culture, MIT is a prime example of rewarding oneself for hard work.
  5. Florida Gulf Coast University

    With North Lake Village’s waterfront housing hosting fire pits and volleyball courts, the university certainly has more than a few enticing moments. Students remark about a thriving dining experience, and dorms scored A+ on Niche, with resort-style pools, game rooms, movie theaters, and other amenities offered within the different villages. Florida Gulf is doing something right with thousands of students applying each year! Additionally, each village offers several private and double or triple rooms, helping you avoid the dreaded communal bathroom setting.
  6. Bryn Mawr College

    Remember that feeling you got when reading Emily Bronte's classic novel, Wuthering Heights? Bryn Mawr can easily be discerned as a real-life embodiment of the gothic work. Ranking as the 5th best women's college in the U.S, Bryn Mawr hosts gorgeous architecture that would blend right within the brooding work. However, don’t let the (slightly) dreary exterior scare you! With a thriving cultural campus focused on supporting minority groups and fostering rigorous academic excellence, Bryn Mawr also hosts some of the nation's most luxurious dorms, including anything from walk-in closets to stained window panes and skylights!
  7. Yale University

    While famed for its academic strength, Yale also hosts a vibrant campus brimming with student organizations, while its medieval architecture hosts a strikingly gorgeous campus! Its dorms are rated A+ by Niche, with the common rooms often having fireplaces, bay windows, and even hardwood floors! The residential colleges help foster a sense of community, while the dining hall prepares nutritious and delicious meals each day.
  8. Rice University

    Ranking in the top ten private universities in the United States, Rice also offers top-notch dorms to match its education quality. The newest residential colleges have private bathrooms, but even communal restrooms are known for being clean as they're cleaned daily. Its residential system consists of 11 individual colleges, each possessing its own personality and culture, allowing for a unique “mini-community” setting on a fairly expansive campus! With amenities such as sundecks, an abundance of reading nooks, and music rooms, Rice has something for everyone. No wonder it ranked in the top ten happiest colleges in the United States!
  9. Texas Christian University

    Ranked in the top 5 for best student dorms by Princeton Review, TCU hosts a vibrant campus culture surrounded by a beautiful campus! The residence halls are divided into freshmen, sophomore, and upperclassmen housing. Some amenities across the levels include free laundry rooms, wood vinyl floors, XL full-size beds, a mini-refrigerator in the room, and in-suite bathrooms (for upperclassmen). Juniors and seniors also enjoy the option to reside in on-campus apartments. Additionally, the university also ranks high on counseling and careers services, and is number eight for happiest students!
  10. Temple University

    With some halls hosting a café, and others containing kitchenettes and suites with private bathrooms, Temple has something for everyone! Morgan Hall, one of the newer buildings, also hosts apartments that come with a flat screen tv and terrace! No need to leave behind the luxury life of sunlight and Netflix just because you've started college.
Whether you're seeking the walk-in closet or beach life, or perhaps simply hoping for a relatively smooth transition into university life, numerous universities offer comfortable residential spaces meant to support students and help them achieve their potential.

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