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Walmart Provides $1 Per Day Tuition Benefit to Employees

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 11, 2018

Walmart Provides $1 Per Day Tuition Benefit to Employees
New tuition benefit available to part-time, full-time and salaried employees.
Working for Walmart just became a lot more enticing. The global superstore announced that employees would only have to pay $1 a day to attend college, according to CNN. That’s right – just $1. Walmart is stepping up where its employees are concerned and offering to pay the remaining tuition, fees and books for employees that qualify, although there are a few stipulations:
  • Employees have to have been employed by Walmart or Sam’s Club for 90 days in order to take advantage.
  • Tuition benefits extend to part-time, full-time and salaried employees.
  • Three colleges will accept Walmart employees who plan to use the tuition benefit: University of Florida, Brandman University and Bellevue University – all of which provide online degrees for students that require long distance learning options.
  • Finally, employees must seek an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in either business or supply chain management.

For some time, Walmart was offering a 15% tuition discount to its employees, states CNN. However, the program was only available with American Public University, a for-profit, online university. With this new approach to covering college costs, employees will gain a greater tuition assistance benefit while having the option to attend one of three universities. CNN reports that Walmart has partnered with Guild Education to provide college education benefits. Not only will employees have tuition assistance, but they will also receive access to a coach that can support them through the application process as well as choosing a degree program. Additionally, employees will be able to receive college credits through paid training at work, which will allow them to complete their college degree faster. Walmart is just one of many companies that provide tuition benefits to their employees. Hotel, retail and fast food jobs can be considered as more than just a paycheck on a weekly basis. To find out if your job offers tuition assistance, do some research or talk to an HR representative at your place of employment. There’s also a chance that your employer offers scholarship opportunities to employees attending college. Update your Fastweb profile with your employer or talk to your manager about franchise or corporate scholarships.

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Kathryn Knight Randolph

Associate Content Editor

Kathryn Knight Randolph is the Associate Content Editor at Fastweb. She has 17 years of higher education experience, working first as an Admissions Officer at DePauw University before joining Fastweb. In b...

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