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Coordinates: 38°47′48″N 121°52′55″W / 38.79667°N 121.88194°W / 38.79667; -121.88194

Zamora (formerly, Black's, Blacks, Black's Station, Blacks Station, and Prairie) is an unincorporated community in rural Yolo County, California, U.S., on Interstate 5 due west of Knights Landing. Its ZIP code is 95698 and its area code 530. It is in the northern part of the county. "Zamora District is bordered by County Road 10 to the north and County Road 16 to the south, County Road 85 on the west and Highway 113 on the east...In 1879 Zamora District included the areas of West Grafton,the eastern portion of Fairview and a small strip of East grafton. The Zamora District encompasses Oat Valley, along Oat Creek in the northwestern part of the district and Hungry Hollow which is in an area along the foothills west of Zamora."

Zamora "was once a thriving little town with a hotel, two stores, a jail, blacksmith shops, a barbershop, a butcher shop, a medical office, a railroad depot, telegraph office, town hall, IOOF building, post office and six warehouses. There were schools and churches there, too. In 1949 and 1969 modern highways rolled through cutting the heart from the town. What was left was a town with 'no services', only a rebuilt IOOF building, a rebuilt town hall, the planing mill and St Agnes catholic Church, the school building plus a few houses. But the pulse of the community does not stop with the removal of its heart."

For many years, children of Zamora and its farm families attended kindergarten at Cacheville School in Yolo and first through eighth grades at Zamora Union School. This school had two classrooms, one for first through fourth grades, the other for fifth through eighth grades. Most teachers came to teach for one year only. Children now attend schools to the south in Woodland, California; older children attend Woodland High School.

In 2010, Zamora 4-H Club celebrated the 80th anniversary of its charter. Zamora 4-H has maintained the cohesiveness of the community since the loss of a community school.

Yolo County officials estimated its 2005 population at 61 and predicted it would have a population of 99 by 2025. Zamora is served by its own post office, a volunteer fire department and St Agnes Catholic church. It lies at an elevation of 52 feet (16 m).

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