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Cell Physiology

Cell physiology (including cellular electrophysiology) is the biological study of the cell's mechanism and interaction in its environment. The term "physiology" refers to all the normal functions that take place in a living organism. Absorption of water by roots, production of food in the leaves, and growth of shoots towards light are examples of plant physiology. The heterotrophic metabolism of food derived from plants and animals and the use of movement to obtain nutrients (even if the organism itself remains in a relatively stationary position) are characteristic of animal physiology.

In the context of human physiology, cell physiology is often the term used to describe the physiology of membrane transport, neuron transmission, and (less frequently) muscle contraction. In general these cover the digestion of food, circulation of blood and contraction of muscles and, therefore, are important aspects of human physiology. For a more complete description of the general physiological function of human cells (as well as the cells of other life forms), see the article on cell biology

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Matching Cell Physiology Colleges

University of California-Davis
Four or more years; Public; $34,098 average out-state tuition; $11,220 average in-state tuition
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Four or more years; Public; $16,650 average out-state tuition; $11,650 average in-state tuition
Stanford University
Four or more years; Private not for profit; $40,050 average out-state tuition; $40,050 average in-state tuition

Cell Physiology Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
HBCU Battle of the Brains Up to $25,000 February 18, 2018
Emmy Noether Award $25,000 March 01, 2018
FIRST Scholarship - University of Advancing Technology $10,000 May 23, 2018
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Up to $7,500 January 26, 2018
Jerome Evenson Scholarship $3,000 February 05, 2018
Albert R. and Herta A. Karwatka Memorial Scholarship $2,000 February 01, 2018
Sue Gillespie Wysor Memorial Scholarship $2,000 February 05, 2018
Society of American Military Engineers, Albuquerque Post Scholarship $2,000 March 30, 2018
AFTE Scholarship $2,000 April 01, 2018
Novus Biologicals Scholarship $1,500 July 20, 2018