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The leading scholarship database, our platform is designed to simplify the scholarship search for high school, trade school students, and college students. No more digging to find scholarships you qualify for. Students create a profile and get personalized scholarship recommendations.

Fastweb isn't just for scholarships. We provide students and their parents with helpful information to help them navigate their educational journeys– from college or trade school, throughout college and/or graduate school, and into career.


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  • 1. Create your profile

    After signing up, you'll customize your profile by answering a few questions.

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    Using your unique profile, you'll get a list of scholarships you qualify for based upon your strengths, interests, student activities and skills.

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    Each time you log in you're greeted with new scholarship matches, and the total value of the scholarships you qualify for! Filter through your list, save those you're interested in and start applying for scholarships.

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Scholarship Research Team

What sets Fastweb apart from other scholarship search sites is our team of researchers. Every scholarship in our database has been researched and vetted by a team of real people.

  • You get your own team of scholarship researchers, zero cost.
  • Each and every scholarship in our huge database has been vetted by a team of real people.
  • Never worry about scholarship scams.
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Scholarship Matching Algorithm

Skip sifting through hundreds of scholarships, only to find a few you qualify for. Each day our matching algorithm uses your Fastweb profile to filter through and match you to new scholarships you should consider applying for.

  • Each time you log into Fastweb you'll be greeted with new scholarships that are a perfect match.
  • Organize your scholarship matches with to mark what you’ve already applied for and icons as a reminder to apply for your favorite scholarships.
  • Sign up for email reminders of important or large scholarships you shouldn't miss applying for.
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Content Experts

Our seasoned editorial team has worked in the higher education industry. Coming from first-generation and low-income families, some Fastweb content experts have first-hand experiences related to the struggle to pay for school.

  • Our editorial team truly has a passion to ensure students know exactly how to prepare for, succeed in and pay for college, or vocational colleges.
  • Gain insider information; our content experts have a combined 20+ years of working in higher education.
  • Our writers cover a variety of topics related to current high school students, the vocational student, college students and parents.
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Don't forget the FAFSA

Common FAFSA Q&As + FAFSA Tools

FAFSA amplifies the importance of other financial aid resources like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to scholarships, the FAFSA is another key component to help students and their families pay for college or accredited trade schools.

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Find the next scholarship you should apply for with personalized scholarship recommendations. Your Fastweb profile gives you access to more than 1.5 million scholarship opportunities.


Find internship opportunities on Fastweb! Including internships from popular businesses, to intern options based on your interest, major and location.

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Find student-only bargains on popular products you use daily. From tech, software, fitness and travel - don't miss these student deals.

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With more than 20 years of higher-education experience, our editorial team ensures students and parents have access to the latest student news, and helpful tools and information.

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    Don't stop applying for scholarships just because you aren't winning initially. I had to apply to over 30 before I started seeing the dividends, but it was totally worth it!

    Josh - Silver Spring, MD
    $10,000 Winner
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    Never give up; eventually someone will give you a scholarship.

    Mariah - Houston, TX
    $500 Winner
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    Apply to a lot of scholarships. You never know what a certain scholarship is looking for as the scholarship process is a whole different ballgame than college admissions. It is best to increase your probability of winning a scholarship by applying to a lot.

    Briana - Gainesville, FL
    $20,000 Winner
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