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What Having a Part-Time Job Can Do for You

Three benefits that come with your part-time job.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 11, 2019

What Having a Part-Time Job Can Do for You
There is very likely only one thing that you’re looking for out of your part-time job: a paycheck. However, there is more to a part-time job than the money you make at the end of the day, though it may take months or even years for those results to materialize. As you search for and work part-time jobs, keep these three benefits in mind, as they will pay off for you in the future. Work Experience First and foremost, a part-time job provides the work experience that high school, college and post-graduate students so desperately need. After all, work experience is what gets your resume noticed and your foot in the door for an interview. A part-time job will prepare you for the structure of a workplace, like how to work under a supervisor and with co-workers, as well as how to be professional regardless of the environment. Furthermore, the day-to-day circumstances will teach you how to think and act like an employee. Whether you work with clients or behind-the-scenes, you’ll be developing real work skills that will translate to every job thereafter. Life Skills In addition to growing professionally, part-time jobs can contribute significantly to your personal growth. You’ll development lifetime skills that will help you not only as a professional but as a student and overall human being. For instance, part-time employees need to be able to compartmentalize and balance multiple tasks at once.
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It's also a great way to develop time management skills as well as to practice engaging with other people, whether that means customers and clients or co-workers on your team. Finally, part-time employees will learn self-management and self-motivation, which enable you to learn how to take responsibility for yourself and your work. Post-Graduate Opportunities It may seem a little premature to be thinking about your post-graduate job when you’re in high school or in the first few years of college, but every job you take between now and graduation is a stepping stone to that first real job. The skills you learn matter, the kind of employee you are matters, and sometimes, the kind of job you take matters. Your first part-time job could provide invaluable experience as you interview for your first post-graduate job. Your past supervisors and managers can also serve as references on your character and work ethic. And for some lucky part-time employees, their first job could be with the organization they’ve been working with the past few years, and it’s a natural flow from working part-time to landing a real job. While working part-time can start out as a means to a paycheck, it can be so much more than that. However, like most things in life, it is what you make it. So make it count!
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