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Taco Bell Live Más Scholarships: 2024

100 students will win a $25,000 Live Más Scholarship from Taco Bell. Get details on the $3M+ scholarship program and learn how to apply!

Shawna Newman

November 03, 2023

Taco Bell Live Más Scholarships: 2024
These are NACHO typical scholarships!
Do you consider yourself the "other" kid? Maybe you’re not a star athlete or do not have a perfect GPA. Rather, you fit in and excel with the creators, dreamers, or innovators. You are a student with passions that run strong and the desire to make a difference, which you should use to fuel your higher education. If you feel this 100%, consider applying for the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship! Jump to Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship Details
Taco Bell just announced its annual scholarship program for 2023. Totaling more than $3 million, these Taco Bell scholarships are available to 155 students. There are, 100, $25,000 scholarships available for students in both high school and college. It also pays off if you are a student employee at the fast-food chain, as there are an additional 55 $10,000 scholarships available for Taco Bell employees.

About the Taco Bell Scholarships

Taco Bell’s Live Más Scholarship program is designed for students seeking a college degree and for those that are preparing for the workforce. The scholarship is not based on your GPA.
The goal of the Taco Bell Scholarship program is not to just write a big check to help pay for college. Rather, the Live Más Scholarship program serves as a partner to help students achieve their dreams—their passions, according to the Taco Bell Foundation.

How to Enter

To apply for the Live Más Scholarship, you will need to highlight your passion, dream or innovation via an original video. The video can be recorded on your phone, computer, table or any other MP4 video device. The type of video is up to you. For instance, it can be a short film, testimonial or animation.
Submit your two-minute video (a minimum of 30 seconds) and be sure it addresses the three question prompts below:

  1. What is your passion and how are you currently pursuing it?
  2. How do you plan to use your passion to uniquely make a positive change in your community or the world?
  3. How will your education help enable you to pursue your passion and make a change?
The goal of the video is not to see how well you can make a film; it is to introduce Taco Bell’s scholarship judges to you. The Taco Bell Foundation adds, “...we want to learn more about you, your passion, and how you plan to ignite change in your community and beyond!”

Live Más Scholarship

Available to: High School Juniors through Graduate Students, Year 5 Deadline: 1/3/24 Award Amount: 100 awards that range from $5,000-$25,000 per student winner The Live Más Scholarship is available to innovators, creators, and dreamers between the ages of 16 and 24. To be considered, you must create and submit a film, animation, or a simple testimonial of up to two minutes in length that tells the story of your life's passion.

Live Más Scholarship for Taco Bell Employees

Available to: High School Juniors through Graduate Students, Year 5 Deadline: 1/3/24 Award Amount: 55 awards from $5,000-$10,000 The Live Más Scholarship Program is open to students who are employees of Taco Bell. To be considered, you must submit a two-minute video that tells the story of your life's passion. The Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship winners will be announced in April of 2023. Previous Live Más winners have the option to renew their scholarships as well. You can visit the Taco Bell Foundation website for more details on each scholarship program.

2023 Live Más Scholarship Winners

If you are looking for video inspiration, check out the videos from the 2023 Taco Bell Scholarship winners. You can also see a list of Live Más Scholarship winners from across the United States.
I wrote a book about you image
In fact, one 2022 Taco Bell Scholarship winner found the award using Fastweb! Tyler Clayton won a $10,000 Taco Bell Scholarship by sharing how he turned his struggles into service for others.

More Scholarships from Fast-Food Restaurants

If you are a student working to pay for college, consider finding a part-time job that will help you pay your college tuition, too! Popular fast-food chains that offer tuition assistance or employee scholarships include: • McDonald’s HACER More Scholarship • Chipotle • Chick-fil-A • Pizza Hut • KFC • Starbucks Many restaurants and retail businesses offer college scholarships. If working in retail or something other than the food industry is more your pace, you have options too. Popular businesses like Target, Walmart, and Amazon offer great tuition-assistance programs.

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