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Seasonal Part-Time Jobs to Apply for Now

Looking for a job during the holiday season? Start your search here.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 16, 2023

Seasonal Part-Time Jobs to Apply for Now
These companies are currently hiring seasonal workers.
If you’ve visited a Target, Walmart, or craft store in the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that the orange bags of Halloween candy, costumes, and scream-inducing décor have been replaced with twinkly lights, fir trees, and gift wrap. We are officially in the holiday season, whether you’re ready or not. Fortunately, these signs at your local retail stores indicate that seasonal hiring is upon us as well. If you’re hoping to earn some extra money over the next few weeks, you’re not alone. Nearly 60% of Fastweb users said they were considering a seasonal part-time job this winter. The demand for part-time work is a bit tougher this year. Reuters reports that “retail job applications are up 46%” in 2023.

Seasonal Part-Time Jobs to Apply for Now

If you’re hoping to earn some extra money over the next few weeks, Monster released a list of companies that are hiring seasonally.


According to, Target plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers, with starting wages between $15 and $24 per hour.
Part-time employees at Target will have access to a 10% store discount, flexible scheduling (including weekends only), and free mental health support as well as low-cost virtual doctor visits. Seasonal jobs at Target include pick-up runners, guest advocates, cashiers, and supply chain facility staff. Expanded in 2023, Target’s hiring seasonal employees to assist with Starbucks order pickup and return services. Find Target jobs on Monster.


Walmart is reportedly hiring new employees this holiday season on a “case-by-case" basis due to economic uncertainties, according to However, there are some openings in the retail chain for both seasonal and permanent employees depending on the location.
Holiday jobs at Walmart include opportunities in customer care and call centers. Walmart employees can expect to make an average of $17 per hour. Find Walmart jobs on Monster.


Amazon’s one business that’s not holding back their holiday hiring in 2023. The shipping and logistics company is planning on hiring 250,000 seasonal workers this year, according to Reuters. You may not know it, but there is very likely an Amazon distribution center near your hometown or college town. These warehouses will be hiring seasonal workers at Amazon in addition to more delivery drivers. Amazon offers flexible scheduling and competitive pay. Find Amazon jobs on Monster.

UPS, FedEx, or USPS*

Given that most shopping occurs online, delivery drivers are a huge need around the holidays: • UPS is hiring 100,000 seasonal workers, and you can land a job with them in as little as 25 minutes. • FedEx is hiring delivery drivers and warehouse workers. Wages average around $18 per hour. • USPS is hiring 10,000 seasonal workers to help transport holiday mail and packages. Find UPS and FedEx jobs on Monster.


Michaels typically begins hiring for the holiday season in September, according to BusinessWire. Seasonal workers at Michael’s will be eligible for a 30% discount, competitive hourly wages, and flexible hours. Most seasonal jobs at Michael’s will have the opportunity to become full-time after the holiday season.


1-800-Flowers is hiring more than 8,000 seasonal workers in Illinois, Ohio, and Oregon for the holiday season. Remote seasonal jobs may also be available from this employer. Find 1-800-Flowers jobs on Monster.

Bath & Body Works

If you want a holiday job that will leave you smelling like a winter wonderland 24/7, consider a part-time job at Bath & Body Works. Opportunities are available in retail stores as well as distribution centers. What makes this deal super sweet? A 40% discount for holiday workers.


In addition to competitive pay, Kohl’s employees are eligible for medical care, weekly paychecks, and a 15 – 35% discount, depending on the day. Find Kohl's jobs on Monster.


Macy’s is aiming to hire 40,000 seasonal employees for the holiday season, according to Fox Business. The department store is hoping to attract candidates with the opportunity to become full-time after the holidays, an average starting wage of $17 – 20 per hour, and store discounts.

*Jobs with Tuition Reimbursement

These employers offer employer tuition reimbursement to part-time employees in addition to competitive pay. If you stay on after the holidays, your work at one of these companies could help you pay for college. In a 2022 survey, approximately 85% of Fastweb users said tuition reimbursement benefits are somewhat to extremely important. Talk it over with your parents, counselors or advisors, and boss. See if working part-time with your course load makes sense.

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