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June Checklist for Soon-to-Be High School Seniors

You've finished your junior year of high school! Now it's time to get ahead of your senior year in high school.

Shawna Newman

May 30, 2023

June Checklist for Soon-to-Be High School Seniors
Get started on your college search in June with these to-dos.
It’s June, which means that school is over for the summer! If it’s not yet, it will be very soon. Your FINAL YEAR of high school is closer than ever before. This is a big deal; it's time to get serious about college planning! As a soon-to-be senior, the rest of the summer is going to be an exciting time. It will also affect how hectic your fall is going to be. The more you prepare now, the better off you’ll be later.

College Planning Checklist for High School Juniors

While you’re enjoying the sunshine, make sure to keep college planning in mind with this June checklist for soon-to-be high school seniors:

1. Get Involved in Summer Activities, Volunteer

By now you know that, in addition to academic grades and test scores, college admissions officers also look at your extracurricular activities. Summer break is a great time to get involved in clubs, the community and local sports, to help show colleges you are active both inside and outside of the classroom. Volunteering is a great way to spend your free time and give back to the community. Not only will you feel great doing so, but it also looks impressive on your college applications, too. You chose to use your time wisely. If you're looking for a place to start volunteering, get in touch with local organizations in your area. You could also ask your school counselor for ideas. Finally, if you're still coming up short on ways to make an impact in your local community, use CollegeVine's suggestions for charities to get involved with.

2. Summer Savings

If you’re planning on working this summer, set up a summer savings plan, which allows you to start saving for college now. Many food providers and retailers are desperate for employees right now, and they're paying the highest wages we've ever seen. The earlier you start saving, the less you’ll need to borrow to cover college expenses later. It’s always best to avoid borrowing if you’re able, so determine the portion of your summer income you can save for the future and stick to it!
You could also really get ahead on your college planning by choosing to work (and continue to work) for an employer that provides tuition assistance. This college benefit is available to many part-time employees, and you can easily transfer between the franchise near your home and your eventual college campus.

3. Explore Potential Career Paths

If you’re unsure of what you’d like to study in college (as most students are), summertime is perfect for exploration! It’s not too early to start thinking about what you want to be when you grow up and to be sure the major you pick pays well too. Contact business professionals in fields you’re interested in to talk to them about their careers and volunteer with organizations or at events which share common interests as your potential career paths. This summer is all about discovering who you are and where your passions and career path may potentially meet.

4. Keep Up Your College Search

Your college search will only continue to ramp up as senior year begins, so any legwork you do now will give you an added advantage. Look at the summer as an opportunity to schedule in-person college visits and research schools online. Check sites like You Visit and Campus Tours to see if the college you're interested in offers a virtual tour. Finally, if you and your family haven't made a plan to pay for college, the time is now. Have conversations about what type of school you can afford before you start reviewing your final college choices.

5. Build Your a Brag Sheet

A student resume, or brag sheet, will detail your life outside of school, since any school you’ll be applying to will already be aware of what your grades and test scores are from your transcript. You can include items like your extracurricular activities, community or volunteer service, work experience as well as any honors, awards or recognition you’ve received. Showcase your unique ability to adapt—consider using your social media on your resume to highlight all the good you’re doing. Remember to be smart about it though!

6. Apply for Scholarships

As a general rule, applying for scholarships should always be on your to-do list! Check out this list of 10+ College Scholarships You Can Apply for Today. Summer is a great time to apply for scholarships. For many students, applying to scholarships is not first and foremost on their minds, and they let their applications slip. That means that there is less competition than during the school year. We recommend updating your Fastweb profile now so that you are maximizing your matching eligibility. Check your Scholarship Matches multiple times each week; we add new awards to our database daily. Finally, make a commitment to apply to 1-2 scholarships per week. You can start with our summer scholarship sweepstakes: the $1K Scholarship Success Sweepstakes. Enter daily to increase your chances of winning!

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