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Earn Income from Your Dorm with Online Part Time Jobs

Remote jobs are perfect for students: they offer flexible schedules and a way to work from home.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

February 09, 2021

Earn Income from Your Dorm with Online Part Time Jobs
These online part time jobs make it easy to work as a student.
These days, it seems like everyone has a side hustle. Whether they are fitness programs or beauty products, you can’t scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed without seeing posts marketed to you by your Aunt Nancy or high school BFF. A side hustle is just a fun name for a part time job, and there are plenty of ways to land a work from a home gig without contributing to a pyramid scheme (however, if that’s your passion, we say go for it). Remote work is actually ideal for students. They enable them to earn income without having to leave their home or dorm room. The schedule is typically flexible or tailored to the student’s availability. Finally, they tend to pay pretty well. Even better – remote jobs are more obtainable than ever. Whether you’re just researching or hoping to start working – like, tomorrow – we’ve got some great ideas for the online part time job searcher. Check them out:
Online Tutor This is a no-brainer for high school, college and graduate students alike. There is likely a field of study you excel in, whether it’s math and sciences or language and visual arts. Take what you love – or love to learn – and make some money out of it. Online tutoring sites, like Chegg, match students with tutors by subject and availability. They advertise that they have tutors available 24/7, so as a tutor, you would very likely be able to work whichever hours are best for you – even if that means working from midnight to 1 a.m.
If you don’t feel comfortable teaching a specific subject, consider teaching English! That’s right – there are multiple tutoring platforms online that allow you to teach English to learners around the world. Online Stylist Have a flair for fashion? Consider becoming an online stylist. Stitch Fix, the popular styling service that sends personalized clothing picks right to your door, is powered by part-time, online stylists. As a stylist, you have a list of clients that you serve, matching them with clothing items that they would like shipped to their home on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.
Availability for this particular role varies by your location in the country. Students in bigger, metropolitan cities will typically have a better chance of landing a job at Stitch Fix. In addition to great pay and flexible hours, Stitch Fix is also big on making part-time employees feel a part of the company culture, whether that’s with virtual or face-to-face meet-ups for employees in a given location. Freelance Writer/Graphic Designer The world of freelance is ever-changing and ever-expanding; and as a result, freelance workers are in more demand than ever. A quick Internet search will show that there is a wide variety of opportunities, from freelance writing to freelance graphic design, for students to earn income on their own time. Looking for somewhere to start the freelance part time job search? Try Monster. They have nearly 13,000 remote part time jobs available to job seekers. You’re bound to find something there, right? Virtual Assistant Though this particular online, part time job requires some previous experience, there’s a chance you have it. A virtual assistant requires administrative skills, like email management and scheduling appointments. Most clients would prefer that you have experience with administrative applications, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. You can find Virtual Assistant jobs on sites such as You must be able to work during the week, between Monday and Friday, and have your own computer. With this type of opportunity, your schedule is flexible and the pay varies by job and client.
Did you know that now you can find part-time jobs on Fastweb?
Apple At Home Advisor If you love technology, and you’re especially knowledgeable about Apple’s line of products, there is the perfect online part time job for you. Apple At Home Advisors work directly with customers to answer their questions or help them get the most out of their Apple products. Even part-time At Home Advisors get the benefits of working for Apple. All employees are paid for their training, have access to a community of other At Home Advisors, and receive paid time off, product discounts and career development opportunities. Website/App Tester Before a website or app goes live, there is a lot of testing that happens on the back end. Developers want to ensure that the best possible version of their product is pushed to the public. As a tester, you’ll be providing feedback for companies like Apple, Facebook and eBay. Developers will actually pay part-time employees to test a website or app before it’s launched. Each test is unique and employees must complete a set of tasks in order to successfully test a product. The average pay is $10 per test, and the tests typically take 20 minutes. Global positions are available at

How to Get an Online Part Time Job

Just like a local part time job search, your online job search will take place primarily online. You can use a massive job search tool, like Monster, or contact companies that you’d love to add to your resume individually. Reach out to them via email or phone to express your interest. Recruiters will ask that you send in your resume electronically, via email or on their site. You may email back and forth with a recruiter before they set up a phone call. The online job search differs from that of a local search in that you may be required to interview for the position over FaceTime or Skype. Though you may be working remotely, many online part time employers want to meet a candidate “face-to-face.” So, in addition to putting your best resume forward, you may need to brush up on your part time job interview skills as well. Prepare beforehand by getting to know the role you’re interviewing for as well as the company at which you hope to work. You’ll also want to dress professionally, and make sure you conduct the interview from a private, quiet space. Finally, ensure that you have a great network connection. The fastest way to ruin your chances of landing a part time online job is having a poor connection during the job interview.

Finding the Perfect Online Part Time Job

Just like any other part time job, an online gig isn’t just a paycheck; it’s part of your career path. With that, search for opportunities that you can do – but that will also stretch you a little. Whether it’s learning something new for the role or searching for a job at a company that has career growth opportunities, think about your future as you plan for the present.

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