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We Want to Celebrate YOU!

When you apply for and win a scholarship through Fastweb, we’re proud of you and want to celebrate you!

Elizabeth Hoyt

December 03, 2018

We Want to Celebrate YOU!
At Fastweb, we’re all about the wins. Your wins, to be specific! There’s nothing we love more than hearing from scholarship winners who learned about their scholarships through Fastweb. And, we think other Fastweb members would enjoy hearing about your wins, too. In fact, we know they would. We know that a student hearing about other students’ wins helps inspire more scholarship applications. That, in turn, helps with even more scholarship wins.
When you apply for and win a scholarship through Fastweb, we’re proud of you and want to celebrate you! After all, it’s no secret that searching for – and applying for – scholarships is hard work. In addition to adding scholarship winners to our Wall of Fame, we want to shout it from the rooftops to our audiences by featuring scholarship winners in their very own article (like this) celebrating your accomplishment. If you won a scholarship you heard about through Fastweb and would like to be featured on our Wall of Fame and be featured in an article all about you and your success, contact us.
Here’s how to get the process started: 1. Email Fastweb at
2. Use the subject line, “I’m a Scholarship Winner”
3. Have a photo you like, some scholarship winning advice and your information handy!
4. Fastweb will contact you for more information about your win and to arrange a time to get your scholarship story!
5. Inspire other students with your story and, of course, sharing your well-deserved bragging rights.

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