Are You a Scholarship Winner? Join the Wall of Fame!

Elizabeth Hoyt

November 28, 2017

Are You a Scholarship Winner? Join the Wall of Fame!
If you've won a scholarship through Fastweb, it's time to strut your stuff in the winner's circle.
Calling all scholarship winners: if you won a scholarship you found out about through Fastweb, we’d love to hear about it! We love hearing about our scholarships winners because it means we’ve done our job: and you’ve received money help to pay for school! You’re a scholarship winner and that’s great news – congratulations! Now, you have the opportunity to share your good news with other students looking for scholarships.
As a winner you know, the scholarship search can be frustrating at times – you’ve likely been there, too. That’s why we love highlighting our scholarship winners – it helps to encourage other students to apply for more scholarships. Help us show other Fastweb members that regular students really do win scholarships through Fastweb by sharing your winning accomplishment!

Getting on the Wall of Fame is easy! Here’s how: 1. Email Fastweb at
2. Use the subject line, “I’m a Scholarship Winner”
3. Have a photo you like, some scholarship winning advice and your information handy!
4. Fastweb will contact you for more information about your win!

When contacted, we'll ask you for:

• 1-3 photos of you (close up, smiling photos work best)
• Your name (only your first name/last initial will appear)
• Location (city/state where you live)
• Name(s) of the scholarship(s) you won
• The total amount of the award(s) you won
• Sign a couple of forms (in order to allow us to feature you!)
• What school you’re attending or planning to attend
• Your scholarship winning advice to other students
This information will appear just as these scholarship winners. Become the next Fastweb member featured on the Wall of Fame - you deserve to strut your stuff in the winner’s circle.
Congratulations on your scholarship win!

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