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Top Homecoming Themes of 2023

Be in the know of upcoming changes and trends for your school's 2023 Homecoming dances, games, and spirit events.

Student Contributor, Piper Mcguffey

September 18, 2023

Top Homecoming Themes of 2023
Be on the lookout for new trends and traditions for Homecoming 2023.
As a new school year starts, many things are on students' minds. From attending sports games and joining clubs to attending school dances and pep rallies. One school event that falls under a couple of these student interests is Homecoming. During Homecoming season, high school students around the country participate in spirit events, attend football games against rival schools, and make long-lasting memories with their classmates. This is especially true for junior and senior students, as graduation is coming up and students want to make as many high school memories as they can.

Why is Homecoming Important?

There is a long-lasting history of why many schools in the United States have celebrated, and continue to celebrate, the tradition of Homecoming dances and football games. This tradition began as a way for college alumni to come back and celebrate the first game of the season. Later on, however, Homecoming moved into high schools as a way for high school students to bolster community pride at their high school football games and spirit events. While many schools have spirit events throughout the school year, Homecoming is one of the many spirit events that is looked forward to by students. Students are able to come together, alongside their friends and peers, to cheer on their home team. In addition to building school pride, this time of the year also brings together those in the community, including game sponsors, parents, and families of the students.
Furthermore, this time of year allows for fun dress-up days and class events that bring the students together. Overall, Homecoming is a community-building event that kicks off the school year with fun-filled memories and everlasting friendships.

What can you expect to see as Homecoming themes this school year?

As Homecoming has been a tradition since 1910, ideal themes have clearly changed. However, when planning Homecoming it is important to consider themes for both the dance and the Game. In regard to the dance, some considerable themes for 2023 could include a night under the stars, the Golden Gala, or Masquerade. When thinking about themes for the big Homecoming games, some ideas that come to mind are of course school colors, white out, tropical paradise, and glowsticks/glow in the dark.
Even through these fun and silly themes, students are able to have some of the best times of their lives during Homecoming.

What are some trends to look out for this Homecoming season?

Looking forward to HOCO this year, I think that we will be seeing more sequin dresses and brightly colored suits. Not only because of the increase in love for vintage fashion, but due to many present trends on social media, and in particular on TikTok. Both of these outfits go well together and will definitely make you stand out during your school's Homecoming dance this year. A trend that I predict to see at the Homecoming game is signs of the player's heads made as a way to cheer for the players on your school team. My school did this recently with the girl's volleyball team. It was funny and made the game more interactive. I feel that if implemented at a Homecoming Football game, this could allow for more team building and opportunities for engagement from those in the stands.

How do Homecoming traditions change from school to school?

There are many traditions that come up when speaking about Homecoming. Some include Homecoming Court, dances, parades through the town, and the big Homecoming game. In addition to these big traditions, many students participate in the spirit week themes/events the school plans for the students. Some of these themes may include anything but a backpack day, pajama day, spirit wear/school pride day, and many more. These fun-filled days allow students to freely express themselves and to lessen the daily stressors that come with being a high school student. Altogether these traditions allow students to not only relax but also have fun with their friends and be a kid before having to attend college and act more like an adult.

Trends and Traditions at My School

As a new school, Great Crossing High School continues to make traditions in regard to Homecoming. When every Homecoming Game comes around the corner, we have a big pep rally in celebration. At this Pep rally, the band performs, alongside our school choir. After their performances, both our school's dance and cheer teams do a performance together, which is performed again at the Homecoming game. Once the dance and cheer team finish their routine, the candidates for Homecoming King and Queen, as well as the members of Homecoming Court, walk across the gym. Once these candidates are selected for king and queen, the winners alongside the court walk across the football field during halftime/after the game is over. This tradition really allows both the juniors and seniors to be more involved in both the school's leadership and the Homecoming game itself.

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