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4 Ways to Commemorate Your High School Days

A senior from the Class of 2021 shares four ways you can ensure your high school memories are not forgotten.

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

February 09, 2021

4 Ways to Commemorate Your High School Days
The concept of a class ring can be traced back to the days of ancient Egypt.
For the Class of 2021, graduation is approaching. As different as this year might be due to the pandemic, one thing is the same: seniors will be moving on from high school to the next chapter of their life. As a senior myself, experiencing a senior year unlike anything I ever imagined, the thought both terrifies and excites me. Perhaps I’m not yet ready to let go of the past four years of being a high school student. Along those lines, this article describes some common, and some not-so-common, traditions to commemorate your high school experience. Whether you’re a senior or even a freshman, these traditions and fun events can help make your high school experience that much more memorable, especially during these times!
  1. Throwback to Class Rings and Letterman Jackets

  2. Class rings and lettermen jackets used to be the hallmark of one’s high school experience just a few years ago. While not as popular anymore, they’re still a way to remember your high school years if you so choose to do so. Interestingly, the concept of a class ring can be traced back to the days of ancient Egypt, where people who belonged to a certain group or sect wore matching rings to signify their membership. This concept of a unifying ring spread to the Romans until it eventually morphed into the modern-day class ring, when military schools began using them. For my school, class rings are available through the company Jostens, as are other souvenirs of one’s high school experience. I personally don’t know anyone with a class ring, as this concept is not as common today.
    The lettermen jacket has a similar story to the class ring. It was first worn by students, particularly athletes, at Harvard University in the mid-1800s. These jackets and sweaters quickly grew in popularity until it was common for athletes at many high schools and colleges to have these. Lettermen jackets are widely available through Jostens, as well as other companies. But, in my experience, these jackets are less popular than they once were. However, both class rings and lettermen jackets are cool ways to commemorate your high school experience and feel a sense of unity.
  3. Virtual Yearbook Signing

  4. One of my favorite end-of-year traditions is the browsing and signing of yearbooks. I remember signing yearbooks from at least as far back as fourth grade. For me, signing yearbooks is a wonderful way to remember the people from my classes, and I remember even asking some of my teachers to sign, too! There’s nothing like pulling out these yearbooks’ years down the line and fondly reading about all the wonderful times you had in that school year. Now, with the pandemic, yearbook signing looks a little different, but the concept remains the same. Jostens implemented virtual yearbook signing last year so students could receive online messages. For students ending the school year virtually, that would be a really nice way to interact with your friends and classmates!
  5. Photo Books

  6. What better way is there to commemorate the best of your high school years than with a photo book? For those of you who are artistic and creative, a photo book is a really great way to keep all your high school memories in one place for you to remember forever. Have fun with it and use an online designing site (My personal favorite is Canva!) or make a scrapbook by hand. While you may remember some of your high school experiences for the rest of your life, there will be other memories you may forget with time. If you make a photo book now, you’re ensuring that these memories won’t be forgotten. Each time you flip through these pages that hold your high school experience, you’ll think back on your time in high school and smile with nostalgia.
  7. Senior Year “Bucket List”

The final way to commemorate high school is a little unique. Rather than a steadfast tradition, this is something every senior (and other students!) can do with their friends. A senior year “bucket list” essentially includes all the things that you and your friend group wish to do before high school is over–but be sure to stay safe! Some fun and safe things to include are: • Join a virtual baking or cooking contest. • Read a book together as a group. • Have a Netflix Party to watch a new movie together. • Host an outdoor painting contest (while socially distanced). • Join a club or organization you normally wouldn’t. • Go on a picnic. • And more! Be as creative as you want with this to ensure this senior year still holds some good memories! Although senior year for the class of 2021 looks incredibly different, there’s still some fun to be had! Commemorate your high school experience with some of these ideas and get excited for what the future has in store!

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