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8 Motivational TikTok Accounts That Will Inspire You

It’s important to make sure you consume inspirational and encouraging content to help you be the best version of yourself! These TikTok accounts are encouraging and inspirational.

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

November 17, 2020

8 Motivational TikTok Accounts That Will Inspire You
Spice up your TikTok feed!
Like many other students, I find myself spending quite a lot of time on TikTok, time that could be used for so many other valuable things! TikTok is my go-to whenever I get bored or stressed or simply don’t feel productive. Spice up your TikTok feed by following these eight accounts that will put you at ease, and hopefully inspire you to go do the many important things calling your name!

  2. Crystal St. John is known for her motivational videos, denouncing negative mindsets, and helping her followers build the confidence to reach their dreams. Some specific things she discusses are small steps to reach your goals and how to focus on a single task, and more broad topics like finding your purpose, being patient and waiting for the good things in life, and just overall believing in yourself!

    What question are you asking yourself?##success ##faith ##expectation ##chasingdreams ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

    Check out her account for some truly uplifting messages and videos that will make you smile.

  4. This account is self-dubbed the “happiest place on the Internet,” which is a pretty great indicator of the inspirational, encouraging content found here. Many of the videos on this account deal with living your happiest life, from life lessons to managing your finances smartly to just being the best person you can.

    why did I blow my own mind ##happiness ##maturity ##howtobehappy ##positivity

    ♬ original sound - spencer barbosa
    In addition to these informative videos, there are a lot of videos on silly topics, such as weird yet wholesome laws around the world. Check out this account for ways to live your best life while also getting a laugh from some of the sillier videos!

  6. @oneplanet.onelove is run by Bella, an inspirational creator whose videos are incredibly soothing and relaxing. Her account spreads the message that “living” is not the same as just “existing,” and includes clips of beautiful scenery and landscapes.

    Facts ##spirituality ##222 ##selflove ##lightworker

    ♬ mirror masa by Dathan - favsoundds
    All of her videos are sparks of positivity that you need on your feed today!

  8. The creator behind this account, Noam, is a med student in Toronto. She uses her experiences to encourage and motivate fellow students. I have saved quite a few of her study-tip videos.

    + hard work and dedication!! ##medschool ##premed ##studytips ##onlineschool

    ♬ Electric Love - BØRNS
    In addition to study tips, she also has room tours, morning and workout routines, “days in the life,” as well as other school and personal advice videos! How to Become the Main Character is one of my personal favorite videos. We’re all the main characters of our own stories–we just have to find our journey!

    Try it. #maincharacter #health #wellness #

    ♬ MAIN CHARACTER CHALLENGE miley cyrus - Call me Jony
    Follow @wellness_md for wholesome videos on self-inspiration and discovery!

  10. This account is for all the book lovers out there. For those of you who are on BookTok, the book side of TikTok, I recommend this account to find your next favorite book! I used to read quite a lot as a child, something that I’ve found myself drifting away from as I grew up and had more responsibilities. This account and other BookTok accounts have helped me find new books based on my favorites, and the book genres I’m looking for.

    everyone hypes up legend but can we please talk about the masterpiece that is warcross!!! ##marielu ##books ##yabooks ##bookworm ##fyp

    ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
    For those of you looking for a new favorite book or looking to get back into reading, check out @kateslibrary for inspiration.

  12. For all you foodies and bakers out there, check out @bakingenvy. This account has shown up on my feed quite a lot, and I find myself saving a lot of their recipes, from lava cakes to cinnamon rolls in a mug. I never actually end up making them, but it’s so fun to watch them bake their desserts!

    The BEST chocolate cake ##HolidayCountdown ##WeekendVibes ##roomtour ##chocolaterecipe ##tiktokfood ##foryou ##fyp

    ♬ The Chocolate Cake Song - Wes Fowler
    This account makes videos on some lesser-known desserts, usually ones that can be made relatively quickly for whenever you’re craving something sweet. I always feel calm watching these food videos, so check out this account for when you’re looking to de-stress!

  14. While we’re speaking of food, check out @lizmoody for healthy recipes and ways to stay healthy—physically and mentally. Liz, the creator behind this account, takes delicious foods, like cake batter bites and cinnamon cookies, and transforms them into much healthier creations. In addition, Liz advocates for doing what makes you happy, as evidenced by her decision to move from NYC to a secluded area surrounded by nature.

    it can actually help get rid of PMS too ##MyRecommendation ##healthyrecipes ##anxiety ##stressrelief ##plantbased

    ♬ Lovely Day - Bill Withers
    From healthy lifestyle tips to general life lessons, this account is your stop for all things inspirational!

  16. Last on our motivational TikTok list, is the “big sister” we didn’t know we needed! Whenever you encounter a problem that a sister could normally help with, Niki is sure to have some advice on it.

    Watch out for these ##nikadvice ##toxic ##toxicfriends

    ♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists
    TikTok’s self-proclaimed “big sister,” Niki has tips on everything from studying and friendship to music and clothing recommendations. All her videos are sure to soothe any issues you may be going through; be sure to follow her! These eight motivational TikTok accounts are sure to spice up your feed! With how prevalent TikTok has become in our daily life, it’s important to make sure you consume inspirational and encouraging content to help you be the best version of yourself! Hopefully, a few of these accounts has content that speaks to you.

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