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Past, Present & Future: Motivation to Finish High School & Plan Your Next Move

Riley Harrison

May 19, 2016

Past, Present & Future: Motivation to Finish High School & Plan Your Next Move
No matter what your post-high school plans may be, here are some tips help you successful plan for any given scenario.
As high school graduation approaches, students may begin to get nervous, excited, or even both. I’m graduating from high school soon, along with many other students. It is crazy to think that graduation has arrived so quickly, as it seems as if yesterday was the first day of school. It is completely normal to start getting “cold feet.” I’ve had the opportunity to speak with several students who were previously in the same position as high school seniors. Many say that they just wanted high school to be over, while others say to savor high school because it consists of the “best days of your life.” Although it may be hard to define your feelings about graduating, one thing is certain: you have to do what you can to get through these next few weeks. It may all be very emotional. It may be tiring. You can only do what you feel is best.
Whether you are going off to a university or community college, immediately entering the workforce, taking a gap year for travel or whatever else you feel is right for you, everything will turn out just fine.

If you are going to a university this coming year…

Be sure that you are prepared. Maybe you feel that nervousness creeping into your mind, but you just have to stick with your gut. You made this decision and it will turn out. College is the place to discover your passions. Sure, the reality is you will probably be a little homesick if you are moving into a dorm, but you will get through it.

If you are going to community college…

People often underestimate community colleges. My high school is right next door to a community college so I often hear about the community college being “lame.” Do not let these kinds of comments take you down. Community colleges have wonderful opportunities, many of which are on par with four-year colleges in terms of classes, professors, clubs and opportunities.

If you plan on going into the workforce…

Explore what you enjoy. Try to find a job that you know will make you happy. In addition, explore possible internships on the side. Going straight to the workforce may come as a transition, but having self-confidence and finding a job you are passionate about will take you far.

If you plan to take a gap year…

Stay on track. If you know you want to go back to school after this gap year, keep those thoughts of school on your mind. Many people do amazing things with a gap year, whether travelling, working, or doing something else. Take advantage of this time, but also ensure you have a plan for the future. No matter what you plan on doing after graduating high school, you know yourself best. Don’t let others persuade you into doing something you know would not be a good choice for your own self. Most of all, many say “life after high school is when your life really begins,” so HAVE FUN! And stop stressing too much over those finals – your exams, along with high school, will be over before you know it!

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