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Keeping in Touch with Friends While in College

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 08, 2018

Keeping in Touch with Friends While in College
In this modern day, it’s easier than ever to stay connected – no matter how close or far apart you actually are.
Are you afraid of losing touch with the old high school gang? Don’t be! In this modern day, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to loved ones – no matter how close or far apart you actually are. Sure, you’ll make new friends but that doesn't mean you have to lose touch with your old ones as a result. You can have the best of both worlds!
Here are some tips on how to stay in touch with your high school buddies, even while you’re away at school: Utilize Social Media – Social media web sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great resource for keeping in touch with friends and staying involved in friend’s daily lives.
Keep in mind, however, that these tools can become impersonal if that’s the only way you’re keeping in touch. Also, whatever you post will become public and will be available for everyone, not just your friends, to see. Always keep that in the back of your mind whenever deciding to post on social media sites. Video Chat –
A picture is worth a thousand words - at least, that’s what they say. It’s often comforting to see your friends that can’t be close by via video chat. You’re likely to feel like they’re closer and miss them slightly less if you feel like you've seen them recently, even if it’s only on the screen. Talk Online – You’re writing a paper and you suddenly experience writer’s block or, say, you take a much-needed break from a major study session. What better way to get your mind off stressful schoolwork than a quick chat with a high school buddy online? It’s quick, free and easy – just make sure you return to studying after a couple of minutes! Email Regularly – It’s always great to update friends on your life and ask about theirs but, with such busy schedules, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down a time when both of you are available. That’s why email is a great way to keep up with each other’s lives on your own schedule, where you can take the time to write or respond at your own convenience. Write – Don’t discount the lost art of snail mail! After all, who doesn't love receiving letters in the post? Visit – One of the best parts about attending different colleges from your friends is that you have a guaranteed place to stay when you go visit and vice versa. Take advantage of the opportunity to see other schools and meet new people. You can also take fun vacations with your high school friends when your breaks coincide. Plan a destination spot you've always wanted to travel to or meet at a random spot in the middle of the schools you attend. Host an Annual Event – What better time to reunite with your high school pals than when you all return over college breaks? Whether it’s over the holidays, Spring Break or in the summertime, hosting an event where you can all meet up and catch up is sure to be a great time for everyone.

Do you have any other tips for keeping in touch with friends?

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