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5 Tips for Staying Safe During Spring Break

Here are some things to do to ensure that Spring Break is a great memory, rather than a horror story.

Kizzy Preston

February 12, 2014

5 Tips for Staying Safe During Spring Break
It is that time of year again. College students from all across the country converge on sandy beaches in Florida, or California for a week of sun, fun, and partying. Spring break—a time for rest and relaxation away from the rigors of college life- can be a great time. It can also lead to some tough life lessons if a student isn't careful. Here are some things to do to ensure that Spring Break is a great memory, rather than a horror story. Stick together. If you are headed out to a vacation spot with a group of friends, it is important that you all stick together. It is easy to lose track of a friend when out at a party. Did they leave the party with a stranger? Did they go to drive even though they've had too much to drink? Did they walk off alone?

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It is very important to keep an eye on your friends. No one wants to be a babysitter, but in the end it is better to be able to account for your friend’s whereabouts than not. Don’t drink and drive. This saying has been said so much that it may seem like a cliché. Still, many students get behind the wheel of a car, or get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Each year millions of students drive while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, this according to College Drinking Prevention.

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Just as serious is texting while driving. It is vitally important that when out driving, whether in a town you are not familiar with on spring break, or at home, that you are alert and free from distractions. Keep an eye on your money. It is a horrible feeling to go on vacation and have your money and credit cards stolen. Too often students do not keep a close enough watch on their money. It’s best to only swipe your debit or credit card at retailers you are familiar with. Credit card information can be stolen simply by swiping your card at the wrong place. When possible, avoid using your pin number at random ATM machines. Once a criminal gets that number they can wipe your bank account out.

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Keep the amount of cash you carry with you to a minimum. Don’t take your entire vacation allotment with you out to the beach or to a club. This is just a bad situation waiting to happen. Instead try putting some money in various places so that if by any chance you lose some or it’s stolen, you still have more elsewhere. Have safe sex. Let’s face it; hook ups sometimes happen during Spring Break. Just like at all other times, it is necessary to protect yourself. Avoid alcohol poisoning. Most people don’t know they are being poisoned by alcohol until it is too late. A lot of students drink from the time the wake up in the morning until the wee hours of the next day. Many students are unaware that consuming too much alcohol or even passing out from drinking can lead to death. Please take a moment to read about the dangers of alcohol poisoning here. Spring break should be one of the most fun parts of a college career. Follow these tips to be sure that not only do you have a great time, but when classes start up again, you will be there all in one piece.

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