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How to Take Action this August

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 21, 2016

How to Take Action this August
Get ready for a great, productive month!
You’ve got some time before school is back in session. You can either loaf like a bump on a log or make August your month of action. May we suggest the latter? Once the school year rolls around, you’ll be ecstatic that you made the effort. Trust us, we’re experts in this stuff.
So, what should I be doing, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got lists. Lots of them. Here’s what you should be working on this August:

If you’re a high school student:

1. Start the college admissions process. There’s so much to do! Evaluate your college options, prepare all of your application materials, take (or retake) your standardized tests and consider early decision options.
2. Start evaluating how you’ll pay for school. If you start applying now, it will be a lot easier to pay for school later! Begin by organizing your scholarship search and apply for as many scholarships as possible. 3. Make sure you’re in great academic shape. With college applications right around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward – academically speaking. Strategize how you’ll approach the upcoming semester. It never hurts to make a game plan, ensuring you’ll achieve your best!

If you’re a college or graduate student:

1. Figure out how you’re going to pay for school. May we suggest scholarships? Start the process by organizing your scholarship search. Then, you’ll be prepared to apply for scholarships galore! 2. Start the school year ahead. Do this by creating a strategy for your approach to the semester. Make a game plan so that you can be the best student possible. 3. Become well-rounded. Broaden your horizons and consider once-in-a-lifetime options, like studying abroad.

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