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Aim for higher test scores.
Top Strategies for ACT Test Day

Against the Clock: Timing Tips for Test-Takers

Taking standardized tests is tough but, if you prepare properly, it can be a lot less stressful!

Elizabeth Hoyt
Published January 08, 2017
Top Must Do's the night before the ACT

Find Your Ideal Study Routine: SAT/ACT Test Prep Match

It’s not as difficult as it sounds; you just need to find the right studying strategy.

Elizabeth Hoyt
Published January 08, 2017
How to Prepare for the SAT Last Minute

Key Ways to Use Your Learning Style During Test Prep

Once you have figured out your learning style(s), you should adapt your study methods accordingly.

Tiffany Sorensen, Varsity Tutors' Contributor
Published November 08, 2016

Vocabulary | SAT | Test Prep

Vocabulary is a big part of the SAT. The SAT tests 3 main categories of vocabulary: commonplace words, semi-difficult words, and lastly, difficult and rare words. The new SAT focuses mainly on semi-difficult words, and understanding words in context. What's a great way to learn new vocabulary? Flashcards! Try downloading Chegg Flashcards from the app store to create your own flashcards, or to use flashcards made by other students. Another great way to learn new vocabulary is understanding roots of words. Use both these tips to rock the vocabulary section of the test!

Overall Passage Questions | ACT | Test Prep

On the ACT English Section, you can expect to see questions about specific sentences from the passage, as well as questions that ask about the passage as a whole. The latter will ask you to evaluate the purpose, find the main idea of the passage, or provide you with a summary and ask you to question its accuracy. Be sure to pay attention to the primary focus of the passage; one method for doing this is to look back at the introduction and conclusion of the passage. Come to your answer by process of elimination in order to determine the best answer for the question.

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Q&A: SAT and ACT
WHAT is a standardized test?
Because students vary so much by GPA, extracurricular activities and essay responses, it's difficult to compare them when determining admissions by these means. Standardized tests level the playing field and admissions officers can really get a good sense of how students compare to their peers with the test scores. The two standardized test options that students have are the SAT and the ACT. These are used in addition to GPA, extracurriculars and other application components when determining admission.
Which test should I take?
Both – but only do this once. When you get your scores, you'll see which you did better on and that's where you need to focus your test prep study energy.
When should I take the test?
Each test has a practice version. The SAT practice version is known as the PSAT/NMQST and the ACT is known as the PLAN. Take these your sophomore year of high school. Take your initial SAT and ACT in the fall of your junior year. And then study intensely for your preferred test and take in the spring, summer and fall of your senior year.
Why should I take this so many times?
Results show that the more a student takes the test, the better they do. However, if your test score the second time around is similar to your first and you had done a great deal to prepare, chances are, you've hit your test score plateau and testing again won't yield much better results.
Where can I sign up for the test?
Sign up here for the SAT and here for the ACT. Also, check with your guidance counselor about testing centers and dates in your area.
I am interested in taking the:
See test dates for college and graduate school entrance exams.