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5 Ways You Can Honor Earth Day

Shawna Newman

April 10, 2020

5 Ways You Can Honor Earth Day
Held on Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day has only existed for 50 years in the United States! The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. According to, the celebration is going digital this year. Many last-minute Earth Day event changes were made due to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, while we cannot honor Earth Day physically, together—We can connect digitally to honor Mother Earth! claims that every year more than a billion people across the globe take part in Earth Day activities. This year, the Earth Day 2020 theme is “Climate Action.” It really only takes a small act to share how much you care for our precious planet—the third rock from the Sun. In fact, some credit a 1962 book “Silent Spring” with influencing the creating of a national holiday in our planet’s honor. Plenty of students treat every day as if it's Earth Day. But here are some unique Earth Day tasks you can do to celebrate the art of going green this year.

Go Green

ONE: Plant or gift a tree. You really can’t get greener than this gift—PLUS, trees can help to fight air pollution AND it’s a gift that keeps on giving. What a special way to remember an occasion, thank or celebrate a person while giving back to our planet.
TWO: Educate yourself on eco-friendly products like reusable bags and climate friendly labels and logos.
THREE: Discover campaigns a digital event you’re passionate about.
FOUR: Calculate Your Footprint. See what plastic pollution you may be contributing and make life changes where necessary.
FIVE: Find out how much you really know about this planet by taking this Earth Day Quiz and sharing the quiz with a friend.

Earth Themed Scholarships

If you’re working on finding new ways to celebrate Earth Day, you should also apply for several of these ”Certified,” 100% Organic Scholarships. Who knew? You really can get green by going green!!

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