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Test Your Earthling Knowledge with an Earth Day Quiz

How much to you really know about your home?

Shawna Newman

March 30, 2021

Take a quick study break with this fun Earth Day Quiz!
Test Your Earthling Knowledge with an Earth Day Quiz
Earth Day 2021 in the United States is on Thursday, April 22. More than a half-century ago, 20 million Americans created an environmental movement that led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. According to the Earth Day Organization, the movement didn't stop in the 21st Century. In fact, the cause continues today and has led to the creation of many environmental laws. Including preventing excessive air pollution via the Clean Air Act and sustaining wildlife through the Endangered Species Act. Congressional efforts from Washington D.C. like the Clean Water Act and our Paris Agreement renewal with the United Nations focus on protecting our planet. These two examples are just a few recent, Earth-focused causes.
Do you recycle every chance you get? Maybe your friends call you a "tree-hugger?" How are you helping to restore our Earth? Add this fun quiz to your Earth Day events list. In just 10 questions you can find out how much you really know about the third rock from the Sun-Earth!

Use Your Earth Knowledge to Pay for School

If you enjoyed this quiz, consider checking out this list of Earth-focused scholarships and volunteer opportunities below: Go Green & Get Green: Eco & Environmental Scholarships, Internships & Activities The scholarship application world is nearly 100 percent digital today. There was a time when gigantic scholarship reference books were printed and used. These reference books were available for purchase by parents and students until the early 2,000's.
As you can imagine, they were not sustainable or environmentally friendly; the scholarship books were outdated quickly. Also, they were HUGE; most more than 4,000 pages. Using this much paper was not a green choice. Fastweb was one of the first digital scholarship databases for students and parents to use. We're proud to have made the tree-wrecking scholarship books a thing of the past. Create your own FREE Fastweb account find scholarships and internships that match you. Our scholarship list is updated daily, so you know you're looking at the latest opportunities out there to help you pay for school.

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