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Fun Earth Day Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Take a quick study break with this 10-question Earth Day quiz!

Shawna Newman

April 03, 2023

Fun Earth Day Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
How much to you really know about your home?
More than 20 million Americans will celebrate Earth Day, and Invest in Our Planet on Saturday, April 22. That is a lot of people celebrating and increasing the human carbon footprint. To put this into perspective, the world population has increased 121% since 1970, according to Environmental issues were the focus of the first Earth Day in April 1970. The movement prompted many environmental laws, including preventing excessive air pollution via the Clean Air Act and sustaining wildlife through the Endangered Species Act.
This Earth Day 2023, consider doing your part by making simple changes to help the environment. Test your knowledge, too! Quiz takers concerned about Earth can plant trees and enjoy an Earth quiz to care for and honor our planet.

Online Quiz Celebrates Earth Day

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