Student Life

Conquering Boredom

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 08, 2018

Conquering Boredom
There are plenty of things to do for free!
Do you ever just get bored? Your to-do lists are complete, your friends aren't around for whatever reason and you don’t know what to do with yourself. Yeah, it happens. Sometimes you just want to do nothing and that’s OK, too. When you’re itching to accomplish something, it’s a terrible feeling to stare at the wall and feel like you’re wasting your time. Applying for scholarships should always come first!
But, when you need a break from scholarships and your homework is finished, sometimes more options would be helpful. Don’t worry - there are plenty of things to do for free! Here’s a list of free-time fillers for the bored student: 1. Clean out your junk email – Admit it, it’s been piling up for months, if not years. At some point, you may have even created a new email to escape – but it’s still there. Clean it up and it can be of use again!
2. Clean out your Facebook friends list – Everyone has accepted random people at one point or another, especially because your Facebook friends’ number used to be relevant. Do you really want random people you don’t actually know knowing your business? Clean up the list by narrowing your friends down to people you actually know and you want to know you. 3. Sell old items – Clean out your closets and your place and make some cash. Utilize apps and web sites, like Poshmark and Craigslist, to easily list your items and make money off of items you no longer use or need. 4. Clean your place – Admittedly, it’s not the most fun option but it definitely still needs to get done. This is not light dusting or making your bed – a real deep cleaning, complete with mops, buckets and the works. Come on, you know it needs to happen sooner or later.
5. Edit and revise your resume – It’s always a good idea to revise your resume every so often, even if you aren’t on the job hunt. Then, when you actually are on the job hunt or, perhaps, a job opportunity comes up, it will be much less rushed to check over and update. 6. Call an out of town friend to catch up – You know that friend you’ve been meaning to call but you know your conversation will be long because you have so much to catch up on? Call them. 7. Volunteer – It always feels good to do something good. Whatever your interests, expand on them by volunteering for a cause you relate to. Visit a nursing home, go walk dogs or visit the cats at a local animal shelter. Give back to the world for no reason at all. 8. Start a journal – It’s great self-reflection to write in a journal. What about how you’re feeling, write a story, doodle or simply see what comes out on the page. It often feels great to get some thoughts out of your mind and on some paper.
9. Exercise – You should be incorporating this into a daily routine, regardless. But, why not try an exercise outside of your normal routine. There are plenty of classes or, for free, online instructions. It will feel great to get that pent up energy out and clear your head. 10. Read – Try reading a book. Not your textbook reading, but a real book. Is there a classic you’ve always heard about but never had a chance to read? Perhaps a book you started on vacation and never had the opportunity to finish? You've been waiting for a better time…well, now is the time! What about reading a newspaper? Would it kill you to learn about what’s going on in the world? You probably have magazines lying around that you haven’t read cover to cover, too. 11. Go to the library – When was the last time you went to the library for no reason at all? Go and explore! Everything is free with a library card – you can find a great book or DVD to watch. 12. Organize your computer files – Optimize your computer but deleting the old files and organizing the files you need into easily accessible folders. 13. Cook – Type the random ingredients you have into the web and see what you can cook. 14. Check out funny web sites – Look online at sites made for this very issue, like 15. Complete a crossword puzzle, Sodoku, etc. – Pick up the local paper (it’s free) and complete the puzzles inside. It’s more fun (and challenging) than you’d think. 16. Get crafty! – You know that thing you pinned that you’ve been meaning to get around to trying? You have time to work your DIY magic now! 17. Write thank-you notes – You’ve been meaning to get around to those anyway, right? 18. People watch – It’s fun to do, especially if you know of a crowded area nearby. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down. If you feel self-conscious, take a book or a magazine but don’t miss what’s going on around you! Maybe you'll even make a new friend. 19. Wash your car – Why pay for a car wash when you can do it yourself? 20. Collect your old change – Find the spots where change is: a couch cushion, your pockets, the bottom of a purse. Count it and roll it (you can usually get coin rolls for free at your bank). Take it to the bank to exchange for paper money. Payday! 21. Go to a free museum or art gallery – Look online to find museums with free admission or art galleries in your area. Most museums on college campuses are free for students. Go there and really look at the artwork. 22. Create and execute an elaborate prank – Here are some harmless prank ideas. We do suggest pranking someone with a sense of humor, however. 23. Color-code, organize and properly fold all of your clothing – Won’t it be so much easier to pick out an outfit with the options so clearly laid out? 24. Rearrange your furniture – Change is good. Rearrange your furniture to be more zen-like. 25. Go outside– If it’s day, watch the clouds. If it’s night, look up at the stars. If it’s raining, jump in some puddles. 26. Watch popular internet videos you’ve never seen – The YouTube craze has been going on for years, so there’s no way you’ve seen everything. 27. Make a Video – Of what? Explain something you know how to do well or showcase your secret talents on video and post it on YouTube. 28. Start a blog – You’ve got something to say. Start a blog and let it all out. 29. Call your mom, dad or grandma, just to say hi – You always call when you want something. Why not just call to catch up? Trust us, it will make their day. 30. Perform a random act of kindness – The world could use some more pay-it-forward activities. Rake your elderly neighbors leaves or shovel their snow without telling them, pay someone random a compliment or make someone smile. What do you like to do when you’re bored?

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