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Colleges That Will NOT Make the Top Party Schools

There are those students who want to attend a top party school, and those that don't. If you fall into the latter, these are the right colleges for you.

Student Contributor, Charles Schnell

June 18, 2022

Colleges That Will NOT Make the Top Party Schools
These schools are above the typical party culture one might expect in college.
What are the fears that torment the consciences of parents as they send their cherished sons and daughters to college and write a hefty tuition check? Undoubtedly one of these is the thought of their child quickly becoming prey to the pressure to party—which often involves drugs, alcohol, and similar substances and their debilitating consequences. Such consequences may include disappointing underperformance in courses, changes in character toward malevolence, and a plummet into crippling addictions. So, what are some ways by which parents can alleviate their own fears and care for their child? One way is: Parents could encourage their child to apply to schools with a weaker, less aggressive “party culture,” a campus on which little amounts of parties (with dangerous influences) occur compared to the average American college campus.
Before I share with you five schools that I believe do not have a crazy “party culture,” I would like to share this cautionary note: In my experience, a common assumption is that American schools with the most prestige very keenly minimize the amount of partying occurring on their campuses. These assumptions are nonsense. Going to a rather well-regarded school myself, I can attest that the party culture is real, present, and very tempting—albeit perhaps not to as much of a degree as some of the other schools in the state. From what I have experienced, the general culture of my school is similar to those of the Ivy Leagues schools and other schools often regarded as the most prestigious in the States. Thus, I have not listed any of the biggest party colleges in the U.S. below. Instead, I have listed. . .
  1. The United States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO) (and other military schools) It is not surprising that some of the schools with the least prominent party culture are military schools, which serve to train future officers in the military. Thus, it follows that one of the military’s focuses would be to create hard, serious workers who, although they are still free to enjoy leisure time as they have it, do not act irresponsibly and develop crippling habits during their free time.
  2. Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) Located in a suburb of Chicago, this small, private, Christian liberal arts college is remembered for the puny amount of reckless partying and usage of alcohol and drugs.
  3. Grove City College (Grove City, PA) Another small, private, Christian liberal arts college, Grove City College also boasts a below average presence of drugs, alcohol, and harmful partying on its campus.
  4. Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) Yet another small, private, Christian liberal arts college, Calvin College students attest to a “good quality of life” on campus. Calvin College also has a less prominent party culture compared to other schools in the county.
  5. Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, MI) Ensconced in the small, community-oriented city of Hillsdale, Hillsdale College is another small liberal arts institution whose students are less likely to “party like crazy.”
Along with my own personal experiences, this article by Financial Advisor helped me make this list. Check out the article for more recommendations! I hope this article does not convey a “holier-than-thou” attitude. I understand that many students look forward to going to parties, even if they are careful not to feast on alcohol, drugs, or similar substances. I realize the urge and pressure to go to parties where those bad influences are in abundance can be really potent. But these bad influences can lead to addictions with life-altering consequences. I would encourage students to have the gumption to avoid going places where bad influences rule and doing things their consciences are begging them not to do. There are alternatives to these alcohol- and drug-ridden parties. Perhaps the best one is to go to smaller get-togethers with friends whom you know you can trust. Having fun is not a crime. There are ways to enjoy your recreational time without exposing oneself to the dangers of bad influences that often accompany crazy party culture—and, as a bonus, imagine how much easier it will be to maintain good grades!

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