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February is Financial Aid Awareness Month

There's one very important celebration that takes place all month long that you may have overlooked...Financial Aid Awareness Month!

The Fastweb Team

January 29, 2020

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month
February – though she be but little, she be fierce. And by fierce…we mean jam-packed with important events and celebrations. Throughout the month, we recognize Groundhog's Day, Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and President's Day. While you probably thought that was enough to fill such a short month, there's one very important celebration that takes place all month long that you likely overlooked. But, at Fastweb, it's one of our favorites! February is also Financial Aid Awareness Month – which means you can celebrate this very important component of the college search process all month long. It’s the perfect time to complete the FAFSA, assess your aid package and get the most bang for your buck at your top college choices. And if collegiate financial literacy isn’t something you’re too keen to celebrate, use this time as an opportunity to educate yourself on what you need to do, seek help and guidance, and check these “big, scary” financial tasks off of your to-do list. (P.S. With our help, they shouldn’t be too “big” or “scary” anymore.) In honor of Financial Aid Awareness Month and, of course, in hopes to help you better understand and assess all of your options, we've listed some resources you can utilize to learn more about financial aid:

What's the FAFSA? A General Overview

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Filling Out Your FAFSA

What do you need to fill out the FAFSA? We’ve got the answers.

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