Social Influencer, Bhad Bhabie, Continues $1.7M Scholarship

Learn how you can earn $20K to fund your education and $10K to help you fund your own start-up. Get the details on the three aspects of this scholarship program.

Shawna Newman

September 20, 2023

Social Influencer, Bhad Bhabie, Continues $1.7M Scholarship
She’s giving away a lot of money to stop people from asking her for a handout!
Danielle Bregoli, more commonly known as Bhad Bhabie, is an internet personality that has made a lot of money as a social influencer. Her rise to fame, which began on the Dr. Phil Show, and entrepreneurship fortune has people reaching out to her for financial support a lot. She explains that many of her fans ask her for money to help them go to school and start businesses. Rather than giving away money without a plan, she launched the $1.7 Millon Bhad Scholarship program. In partnership with Edu Capitol, the Bhad Scholarship provides financial support and the encouragement her fans can use to further their education and pursue their dreams. JUMP TO APPLY FOR THE BHAD SCHOLARSHIP

About the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship

Bhabie realizes that many of her followers and fans do not have the means and opportunities she has had. To positively fuel her fans’ futures, 20-year-old Bhabie is supporting their success with an award program that promotes learning a trade, creating a business, and earning an education. Bhabie adds she's, “giving away a lot of money” to students attending accredited online trade schools who would like to start their own business, and to those that are continuing their education.
Below are the three ways the $1.7 million Bhad Scholarship program works:

    1,000 $1,000 Bhad Scholarships

    Bhabie believes that a $1,000 scholarship is a great way to help students get started on their trade and/or educational journeys.

    50 $10,000 Business Start-Up Grants

    Fifty of the $1,000 scholarship recipients and Bhad Scholarship graduates will be awarded $10,000 to help them start their businesses. This part of the Bhad Scholarship program totals $500,000.
    Students can attend trade and technical school programs in fields like: • Artist Management • Cosmetology • Cybersecurity • E-Commerce • Sports Management • Wedding Planning • More

    10 $20,000 Scholarships for Any School

    Bhad Bhabie will personally pick ten trade-school and/or college graduates to receive a full-tuition scholarship. She explains in her YouTube video that for these $20,000 scholarships, you can go to any school. Bhad Scholarships states they cover nationally accredited colleges like “...Berkeley College, CUNY, Rutgers University and more.” This portion of the scholarship program is valued at $200,000.

    Apply for the Bhad Scholarship

    Deadline: Varies Award Amounts: 1,000 $1,000 Scholarships for Trade School Students; 50 $10,000 Business Start-Up Grants; 10 $20,000 Scholarships for College and Trade School Graduates According to Yahoo!, Bhabie has used her entrepreneurial spirit to become an internet sensation. Her bigwig, VIP status has led her to create her independent record label, Bhad Music. Her new riches also helped her to skip financing the purchase of her $6.1 million home in April, as she bought it with cash. In a YouTube video, she acknowledges that while she did not finish high school, or go to college or trade school, she believes her path is not the norm for many. Noting this, she feels it is important for her to use a portion of her fame and profits to fuel the next generation. The scholarship site ends with this quote from Bhabie, “I can’t wait to see what the next generation creates.”

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