Seven Easy, Odd Ways to Spring Clean for Success

Shawna Newman

March 09, 2020

Seven Easy, Odd Ways to Spring Clean for Success
It’s spring, which means it’s time for a little spring cleaning to ensure key items, essential to your success are up to date (AKA: sparkling). A good spring clean to your scholarship search will to help boost your scholarship chances. It may also help you to land that sweet summer job and, for college or graduate students, that dream internship. You may not think your scholarship search needs an overhaul, but there are some important aspects that should be updated, at the very least, every semester. It’s also a great time to take a look at your resume, your personal statement, check in with your references and check in on your goals. The best news? You’re not going to need any cleaning supplies to get these tasks done! Here are seven unordinary ways you can spring clean your way to fresh and exciting beginnings:

Update Your Fastweb Profile

Updating your Fastweb profile is one of the simplest ways you can improve your scholarship search. Ideally, you should take the time to update every semester. Make sure you have an accurate school year, GPA and other information is accurate, such as awards you may have received, clubs you’ve joined, extracurricular activities you participate in, etc. The more information you add to your Fastweb profile, the better your scholarship matches will be. Even things that you may not think are important, like your nationality, parent’s jobs or location may qualify you for more scholarships! In addition to updating your profile, there are several other ways to make the most of your scholarship search on Fastweb.

Use Different Methods of Learning about Scholarships

While you should make it a point to stay on top of your Fastweb account by checking your scholarship matches and deadlines regularly, there are other ways to connect with Fastweb to find even more opportunities. Download the Fastweb app and find scholarships anytime, anywhere – even when you’re on the go. The app is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. We also recommend that students connect with Fastweb on social media to stay in the loop.

Update Your Resume to Reflect Recent Accomplishments

It’s easy to sweep your resume updates under the rug, and to get to them later. Don’t let that become a habit. Updating it each semester is a great way to avoid any time consuming, mass overhauls in the future. Plus, you don’t want to forget about all that you have accomplished. Once you’ve updated your resume, be sure to use Monster’s FREE resume assessment.

Revisit Your Personal Statement

Many college or grad school applications require a personal statement. Just as you should update your resume with recent accomplishments, you should also take a look at your personal statement to ensure it’s still true to your goals. Even current college students should pull up their personal statement, as you could repurpose this or portions of it in your resume as well! Don’t have a personal statement? No worries, here are four steps to create a solid personal statement.

Reevaluate Your Goals

It’s always a good idea to revisit your personal and professional goals throughout the year. Just a spring is the season for new beginnings, check in on your New Year’s resolutions or goals. Have you followed through? What are some ways you can be sure you’re on target? Have you accomplished a goal? If so, mark this off your list (how satisfying)! Maybe your goals have shifted? That’s okay. Use the spring season of cleaning to refresh your list of 2020 goals.

Check in With Your References

Send your personal and professional references emails or an old-fashioned card/note. Be sure to thank them for being a professional connection. This a great way to enhance and solidify your personal and professional network. Your references are just as busy as you are, should the time come when they receive a call or email inquiry on you, they need to know all the great things you’ve been up to! Taking the extra time to check in also showcases your superb time management and interpersonal skills (all habits of successful people). This also applies to high school students using teachers to write recommendation letters .

Your Social Media Overhaul

Whether applying to colleges, internships or jobs, it’s important to remember that your social media presence is out there for anyone to find. People often check an applicant’s social media presence to get a better understanding of who he or she is – and you definitely want it to reflect well on you. We’ve created some social media guides for students to help you maintain accounts you can be proud to share: •Social Media Guidelines for Students
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