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Land a Part-Time Summer Job That Doesn't Feel Like Work

Learn how to find a summer job that feels more like an adventure, but also supports your future career.

Shawna Newman

April 24, 2023

Land a Part-Time Summer Job That Doesn't Feel Like Work
Find an unordinary job this summer!
Any student—high school, vocational, or college—can benefit from job experience. Whether that’s a part-time job, seasonal job, or internship. The hands-on experiences gained help to make you a more well-rounded individual. Your work experiences are great additions to brag sheets, resumes, and cover letters. Your work may even provide scholarship essay content or ideas. With the summer season fast approaching, it’s now the time to begin looking for that special summer job experience. Did we mention these jobs can also be a way to help you pay for tuition?
As many students have a summer break, consider finding a seasonal job experience that will take you to a new place. Where can students find a summer job that doesn't feel like work? There’s a Web site geared toward these exact types of jobs! CoolWorks is a job platform that “features job opportunities in great places.” Students can use their site to locate jobs across the United States. If a temporary move to a new place scares you, CoolWorks offers housing filter features. Look for full-time or part-time job opportunities that provide housing, with features like pet-friendly accommodations. Use the CoolWorks search function to find jobs by state, national park, employer types, seasons, and more.

The Best Part-Time Job for Your Interests or Major

Try picking a summer job that fits your intended major in some fashion. For instance, a first-aid job works great for a nursing student. Business students may also consider customer service positions to gain an understanding of running a successful business. A camp counselor position would work for elementary education majors too. Using the top majors of Fastweb users, we searched the CoolWorks site to find part-time jobs that serve as a nice supplement to a student's intended career. Check out the suggestions we found on CoolWorks below:

Seasonal Jobs for Education Students

Outdoor Education Instructor at Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute– California FREE HOUSING! Adventure Logistics Specialist at Keystone Science School – Colorado Film Photography Instructor at Camp Nebagamon – Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Instructor at Higher Ground USA – Idaho

Seasonal Jobs for Nursing, Health Science, Health Services Students

Camp Nurse at Friends of Camp Gallagher-- Washington First Aid Provider at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp – California Health Technician at Camp Tawonga – California Wilderness Therapy Instructor at New Vision Wilderness – Wisconsin

Seasonal Jobs for Biology Students

Reindeer Handler at Borealis Basecamp – Alaska Horseback Guide at Sage Outdoor Adventures – Colorado Kennel Help at Durango Dog Ranch – Colorado Trail Guide at Mystic Saddle Ranch – Colorado Fishing Guide at Whaler’s Cover Lodge – Alaska

Seasonal Jobs for Business Students

Schooner, Ferry Crew and Captains - Maine Guest Services Manager – Wyoming Brand Manager – Idaho HOUSING INCLUDED! Night Auditor – Montana

Seasonal Jobs for Construction Students

Construction/Maintenance at Bearskin Lodge – Minnesota Maintenance Engineer at Beaver Creek Lodge – Colorado HOUSING, MEALS & RANCH ACTIVITIES INCLUDED! Maintenance/Drivers at Lost Creek Ranch – Wyoming

Seasonal Jobs for Culinary Students

Lead Sous Chef at the Art of Living Retreat Center – North Carolina Pastry Chef at Bar NI Ranch – Colorado Prep Cook at French Broad Outpost Ranch – Tennessee Prep Chef at Taku Glacier Lodge Inc. – Alaska

Seasonal Jobs for Computer Science Students

HOUSING INCLUDED! Camp Facilities Technician at Under Canvas Inc – Utah Resort Maintenance Tech at Zion Mountain Ranch – Utah Remember, a part-time summer job title that matches your major is not required; think outside of the box and choose a job that incorporates some elements of what you may be doing as a professional. As you browse jobs, look for ways a job could help broaden your career-field perspective.

Scholarships for Adventure Seekers

Students looking for a part-time summer job outdoors should also consider similar scholarship opportunities to apply for. The scholarships listed below are another way to help you pay for school.

”Stuck at Prom” Scholarship Contest

Deadline: 6/7/23
Award Amount: $10,000

Ocean Awareness Contest

Deadline: 6/13/23
Award Amount: $1,500

Driven Coffee Scholarship

Deadline: 6/30/23
Award Amount: $500

Minecraft Scholarship

Deadline: 7/31/23
Award Amount: $2,000

Claes Nobel Good Earth Sustainability Scholarship

Deadline: 8/1/23
Award Amount: $2,000 In the meantime, visit our National Scholarship Directory to sift through thousands of scholarship options. Save time on your scholarship search by creating a Fastweb profile. Our algorithm uses your profile to find scholarship matches that fit you!!

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