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Scholarships for First-Year Graduate Students

First-Year Graduate Students

Finding graduate school fellowships and scholarships is just as crucial as finding scholarships for college. That's why graduate school scholarships are just as readily available.

Students can find a multitude of graduate school scholarships through their respective universities, large corporations or smaller organizations.

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Largest Scholarships for First-Year Graduate Students

Name Amount Deadline
Levy Scholars Program Scholarship Up to $75,000 Varies
The Search for Hidden Figures Contest Up to $50,000 December 10, 2016
King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Up to $35,000 Varies
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Merit Scholarship 100% of tuition Varies
Urban Fellows Program $30,000 January 13, 2017
Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship Up to $30,000 Varies
Graduate and Teaching Assistantship - Bloustein School Up to $25,970 Varies
PIRG Fellowship $25,500 Varies
Academic Excellence Scholarship Up to $25,000 Varies
AMS Graduate Fellowship $25,000 January 13, 2017