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Scholarships for College Juniors

College Juniors

Students interested in college junior scholarships should start searching and applying for these scholarships as soon as possible.

Like most scholarships for a designated school year, there are a plethora of scholarships for college juniors.

College junior scholarships come from a variety of sources: organizations, corporations and colleges and universities.

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Largest Scholarships for College Juniors

Name Amount Deadline
Honors Program Scholarship - CSU $37,056 Varies
Army ROTC Scholarship - Otterbein College Up to $31,424 Varies
Trustee Scholarship - Saint Martin's University $26,000 Varies
Kenyon Honor, Science, and Trustee Opportunity Scholarship Up to $25,000 Varies
Visual Arts Scholarship Up to $25,000 May 05, 2017
GIA On Campus Scholarship Up to $23,000 March 31, 2017
Board of Visitors Scholarship II - SCAD $22,900 Varies
CLU Guarantee Scholarship $22,605 Varies
Board of Visitors Scholarship I - SCAD $22,000 Varies
Trustee Scholarship - Cornell College $21,000 Varies