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Scholarships for High School Seniors

High School Seniors

As a high school senior, the pressure is on to find scholarships for college. At this point, high school senior scholarships are just as important as getting into the dream school.

Fortunately, that means there are plenty of scholarships for senior high school students to apply to.

Applying for scholarships is a numbers game, and the more high school senior scholarships you apply to, the better your chances of actually winning. The key to a great scholarship search is to start applying as soon as possible.

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Largest Scholarships for High School Seniors

Name Amount Deadline
The Search for Hidden Figures Contest Up to $50,000 December 10, 2016
James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship Up to $50,000 December 15, 2016
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program Up to $40,000 January 05, 2017
RMHC / HACER Scholarship $25,000 January 17, 2017
TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship Up to $20,000 February 01, 2017
Henry David Thoreau Scholarship Up to $20,000 February 01, 2017
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest Up to $20,000 April 28, 2017
$20,000 Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Scholarship $20,000 December 16, 2016
Christian A. Herter Scholarship Up to $15,000 February 05, 2017
American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest Up to $18,000 Varies