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Scholarships for Students From a Small Town

Students From a Small Town

Never thought living in a small town would pay off? Fortunately, plenty of scholarship providers provide students with small town scholarships.

These scholarships are most commonly found through colleges and universities. Students can find small town, 25,000 population or less, scholarships at schools.

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Largest Scholarships for Students From a Small Town

Name Amount Deadline
Carolyn Watson Opportunities Scholarship Up to $10,000 February 15, 2017
Turner Scholarship $7,500 Varies
Michael T. Steadland Scholarship $3,000 Varies
Verl R. Topham Endowed Scholarship $2,500 Varies
Louis F. Kinney Economics Scholarship $2,000 Varies
Hillis D. and Esther M. Wickizer Scholarship $2,000 February 01, 2017
Percy G. Willson Scholarship $1,500 Varies
Fred E. Herndon Agricultural Industries Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Dr. James P. Cornette Memorial Scholarship $1,000 February 01, 2017
Juanita and Willian H. Van Matre Endowed Scholarship $1,000 February 01, 2017