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William M.

William M.

Gran Prarie, TX

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program
Stanford University
I wholeheartedly emphasize being genuine and sincere in your essays. It's one thing to answer a prompt for the sole purpose of trying to obtain an award and completely another by understanding if the prompt fits you in a way where you can sincerely express yourself and your needs. After all, this is the greatest factor the scholarship committee goes on by trying to distinguish those most deserving. It's one thing to have a 4.0, but another to show your love, passion, and dedication which helped you to earn it.

Location: Ocala, FL

Award: Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

Amount: $20,000

School: Rice University

Special Advice: "My advice is to not give up on applying for scholarships, even national scholarships. It may seem overwhelming and impossible to ever win a scholarship for which you are competing against students from across the country (that's certainly how I felt) but perseverance is important if you want to have success. No matter how many scholarships you don't win, never let that discourage you from continuing to apply."

Location: Grove City, PA

Award: 'Go Bananas for Fastweb' Sweepstakes

Amount: $2,000

School: Case Western Reserve University

Special Advice:"Keep applying for scholarships even if you do not think you will receive it because any money helps pay for college!"

Location: Dearborn Heights, MI

Award: Fastweb Invite a Friend – June

Amount: $500

School: University of Michigan - Dearborn for Pre-Med in Pediatrics

Special Advice: "Apply! Apply! Apply! I've started searching for scholarships since the end of my sophomore year and I cannot stress how important scholarships are!! There are so many wonderful places and organizations that WANT TO HELP YOU pay for college so start looking!!"

Location: Austin, Texas

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – November

Amount: $500

School: Austin Community College; Plans to attend
nursing school

Special Advice: "Persistence, persistence, and... persistence!! There are so many scholarships out there, which might be scholarship overload when you start the search, but Fastweb is so helpful keeping it all in order. Keep up the search, devote the time, and it WILL happen!"

Location: Union City, CA

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – September

Amount: $500

School: Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

Special Advice: "Apply for ALL Scholarships!"

Location: Keiser University, Fort Myers, Florida

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – August

Amount: $500

School: Plans to study Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Special Advice: " I used the refer a friend scholarship only because I was unsure of Fastweb. I sent everyone on my social site and cell phone my referral link. I told them what would come from it if they did it. Apparently I got enough to make me win. Thank you again :)"

Location: Vincenza, Italy

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – May

Amount: $500

School: Currently attending the University of Maryland University College in Italy

Special Advice: "It is never too late and you are never too old to apply for scholarships! The more scholarships that you apply for the greater your chances of receiving one!"

Location: Santee, CA

Award: “Dell Learn More, Do More Sweepstakes”
Grand Prize Winner

Amount: Dell™ Inspiron™ 15 5000 Series touch and a
Dell Venue™ 8 Pro tablet

School: San Diego State University

Special Advice: "College has so many EXTRAS that add up, every little bit of help counts big time!"


Location: Sierra Vista, AZ

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – September

Amount: $500

School: Plans to attend the University of Arizona

Special Advice: "My advice is definitely just go out and apply for everything you can."


Location: St. Louis, MO

Award: Monday Means Moolah Sweepstakes – Week 4

Amount: $500

School: University of Missouri – St. Louis

Special Advice: "Persistence is the key to winning scholarships. It may seem overwhelming and that the odds are against you, but with the help of Fastweb it truly is possible to win some moolah for school!"

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – August

Amount: $500

School: Plans to apply to William and Mary, UVA, and VCU.

Special Advice: "Search your little heart out for scholarships. Websites like Fastweb really helped me find scholarships that were right for me, so apply, apply, apply; you ought to land one of them! Good luck!"

Location: Lewiston, PA

Award: National Buick Achievers Scholarship, Buick Achievers Scholarship

Amount: $24,000

School: Planning to attend CU Boulder

Special Advice: "Take the time to apply to scholarships that may require more work. Filling applications out for scholarships that only require simple information like your major and GPA have a lot of competition, those that require more effort on your part may be worth applying to!"


Location: West Caldwell, NJ

Award: GotScholarship $40K Give Away

Amount: $40,000

School: University of South Carolina

Special Advice: "Just apply! It doesn't take too much time and it really helps out. You might not get everything but you never know - you might get something."

Article URL:

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Award: Fastweb Refer a Friend – July

Amount: $500

School: Planning to attend CU Boulder

Special Advice: "Apply for any scholarship you can! The more you apply for, the more likely you are to earn them."


Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Award: GotChosen’s 40K to Give Away

Amount: $40,000

School: Montgomery Community College

Special Advice: "Originally, I thought I’d never win – I thought the chances were impossible. Your chances are just as good as anyone else’s. The logical thing to do is just apply. Hang in there and stay positive."

Article URL:

Location: Lexington, SC

Award: Refer a Friend Sweepstakes

Amount: $500

School: Will attend the University of South Carolina

Special Advice: "Just apply and KEEP applying! You never know what you can get if you don't do it. There's nothing to lose."

Location: Covington, OH

Award: Refer a Friend Sweepstakes

Amount: $500

School: Edison Community College

Special Advice: "Apply for as many scholarships as you can."

Location: El Monte, CA

Award: Summer of Blue Belle Sweepstakes

Amount: $1,500

School: San Francisco State University

Special Advice:"My advice is to keep applying to scholarships. Do not give up or lose hope."

Location: Winnetka, CA

Award: HP's Make It Matter Summer Sweepstakes

Amount: HP Laptop

School: I am still a high school student but I am hoping to go to UC Irvine.

Special Advice:"My advice is to apply to as many scholarship offers you get. Also, make sure you're updated to the offers' deadline."

Location: Chicago, IL

Award: Buick Achiever's Scholarship, Elmhurst Enrichment scholarship, University of New Haven Charger Scholarship, Urbana University Performing Arts Scholarship, Urbana University Athletic Scholarship, Urbana Scholarship, KFC (semifinalist)

Amount: $35,000

School: Urbana University, Urbana Ohio

Special Advice:"Apply everywhere! You don't know exactly what each scholarship wants so apply to as many as you can. You're bound to win one eventually, just like me!"

Location: Middleport, NY

Award: "Personalize Your Computer Sweepstakes"
from HP Academy and Fastweb

Amount: $500

School: Canisius College

Special Advice:"APPLY! APPLY! APPLY! The best thing you can do for yourself is apply to as many scholarships as you can. It is well worth it and when it comes to paying for college, every dime helps!"

Location: Everett, WA

Award: April's Refer a Friend Sweepstakes

Amount: $500

School: Rutgers University

Special Advice:"My advice to anyone going to college or about to is to apply for as many scholarships as possible because you never know; you could win one which can help with your future career"

Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

Award: Fastweb - College Decision Impact Survey Sweepstakes 2012

Amount: $500

School: University of Minnesota Rochester

Special Advice:"The time you spend on Facebook can be spent on scholarships. It took me 10 minutes to take a survey and I won $500! Take every opportunity that Fastweb gives. Also learn how to breakdance."

Location: Benton, LA

Award: Hispanic Heritage Youth Scholarship
Award, Math and Engineering

Amount: $2,000

School: Louisiana State University

Special Advice:"Follow directions very carefully for this scholarship. They are very specific."


Location: Middletown, OH

Award: Take a Shot at $15k

Amount: $15,000

School: Vanderbilt University

Special Advice:"Apply for as many scholarships as possible without sacrificing quality. It´s always better to spend time on one quality application than to throw out five that aren´t so great."
Christopher McMahon

Location: Henrico, VA

Award: Simon Youth Foundation

Amount: $1,400

School: Liberty University

Special Advice:"Try for as many scholarships as you qualify for, especially ones that don´t have a lot of competition. Work on a core essay and then change it up a bit as needed for
each scholarship."

Location: San Marcos, CA

Award: Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU) Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

School: California State San Marcos

Special Advice:"Don't give up or lose faith, there are a ton of organizations looking to provide support for college students. When I least expected it I was selected for the HACU scholarship. Be patient and keep searching. The perfect scholarship opportunity awaits you! "
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Location: Staunton, VA

Award: Sam Walton Community Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

School: Meredith College

Special Advice:"I honestly believe that the most important advice for scholarship applicants is to start on scholarships early, apply to as many as you can, and absolutely do not slack off your junior or senior years as these years mean a lot to both college and scholarship applications."

Location: Swansea, MA

Award: Dell's Big Gadget on Campus Sweepstakes

Amount: Laptop/Tablet

School: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Special Advice: "Be persistent and apply for as many scholarships as you can. Sign on to Fastweb often and always pay attention to new and upcoming scholarships as well. Remember, the more you apply for, the greater your chances are of winning one!"

Location: San Juan, PR

Award: Sam Walton Community Scholarhip         

Amount: $3,000

School: University of Arizona

Special Advice:"Apply to as many scholarships as you can. You never know which one of them you could win. I really didn't expect to win this one!"

Location: Muscatine, IA

Award: CollegeNET

Amount: $4,000

School: Muscatine Community College

Special Advice:"There are scholarships out there for everyone! No matter the age, gender, IQ, marital status, etc. Sign up with websites like Fastweb and complete a profile! The rest is
a breeze!"

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Award:Sam Walton Wal-Mart Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

School: Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College

Special Advice:"Apply everywhere! You don't know exactly what each scholarship wants so apply to as many as you can. You're bound to win one eventually, just like me!"

Location: Harrison, NJ

Award: Fastweb's Refer a Friend - June       

Amount: $500

School: Montclair State University

Special Advice: "Clicketh Away! Sign up for every single scholarship!... I did, and I won $500 towards my tuition. Best advice though is to be prepared, sign up for your scholarships early. The early bird gets the worm."

Location: New York, NY

Award: Hispanic Scholarship Fund´s Camino al Exito, Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education Scholarship Fund, United Health Group Scholarship via Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Amount: $13,000

School: City College of New York

Special Advice:"Don´t be discouraged if you´ve applied to many and have received responses from none. In the words of John Wanamaker, ´No mistake or failure is as bad as to stop and not try again. "
marcy clark

Location: Newton, IA

Award: U.S. Cellular Believe in Something Better

Amount: $500

School: Grand View University

Special Advice:"Be passionate about what you´re writing about, and let it come across in your essay."


Location: Orlando, FL

Award: Fastweb's July Refer a Friend Sweepstakes       

Amount: $500

School: University of Central Florida

Special Advice: "Apply for as much and as many scholarships and grants as possible. Set high standards and push yourself to succeed."

Location: Madison, AL

Award: College Decision Impact Follow Up Survey Sweepstakes 2012

Amount: $500

School: Georgia Tech University

Special Advice:"Apply for as many scholarships as possible, even ones you think you may not get. You'll eventually win one!"

Location: Austin, TX

Award: "The Perfect Gift for You Sweepstakes" from HP Academy and Fastweb

Amount: DM4X Laptop

Location: Escondido, CA

Award: Race for Education, Ashado Scholarship

Amount: $20,000

School: William Woods University

Special Advice:"Filling out scholarship applications is a lot of work, but don't get frustrated and don't wait until the deadline to work on them, that just makes it too stressful."

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Award: Scholarship from AAUW

Amount: $19,000

School: Arizona State University

Special Advice:"Above all be very persistent, and never give up! All around us there are people who have had positive experiences, learn from them, networking is key."
Christopher McMahon

Location: Upper Marlboro, MD

Award: Maryland Community College Transfer Scholarship, Maryland Senator Scholarship and Maryland Delegate Scholarships

Amount: $3,750

School: University of Maryland University College

Special Advice:"Never limit your scholarship search and never give up!"

Location: Mount Joy, PA

Award: Clue's Holiday Cookie Sweepstakes

Amount: $500

School: Syracuse University

Special Advice: "Apply for everything available."

Stephen Nettin

Location: Troy, NY

Award: SMART Scholarship for Service

Amount: $200,000

School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Special Advice:"Apply for as many scholarships as possible, in addition to providing money, scholarships are also excellent resume builders. They change your life."

Location: Concord, CA

Award: ISSA Foundation Scholarship, Masons of California Scholarship, Quarter Century Wireless Association Scholarship

Amount: $44,000

School: University of California, Davis

Special Advice:"Have a portfolio where you keep all of your scholarship material set up and ready to go (transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores)."


Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Award: "Your New Chapter" Sweepstakes
from Dell University and Fastweb

Amount: Dell Laptop

School: Brown Mackie College

Special Advice:"Do not give up. If you don't win, keep entering."

Location: Hastings, NY

Award: AXA Achievement Community Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

Special Advice:"Apply for as many scholarships as you can and don't give up. It doesn't matter what your GPA is. Everyone has a chance. "

Location: Campbell, OH

Award: December's Refer a Friend Sweepstakes

Amount: $500
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