Opportunity Knocks for $2,500 Goodwall Scholarship Winner

Goodwall's March scholarship winner shares her advice for future applicants.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

April 27, 2023

Opportunity Knocks for $2,500 Goodwall Scholarship Winner
When opportunity knocks, you have to open the door. Each month, the Goodwall App provides such a prospect to students, giving them the chance to win $2,500 toward their education. The Goodwall #ScholarshipNow Challenge asks applicants to create a video detailing why they deserve a scholarship, and the winner from March has advice to pass along to other scholarship-winning hopefuls. Learn more about the latest Goodwall Scholarship winner, Katherine Ke, and discover how you could win scholarships just by listening for the knock of opportunity.

Advice from the #ScholarshipNow Goodwall Winner

What inspired your video submission theme?

As I grew up, I always heard people saying that "If God closes a door, He will open another one for you." I used this as a starting point and added on to the idea that an open door means an opportunity. I knocked on the door, which means that I'm pleading for opportunities.

What was most shocking about moving from Taiwan to enroll in a U.S. public school?

I was so shocked about how free Americans are to live out their personalities and don't have to be shaped in a certain way. In America, everyone is a unique individual and has the right to live a life that they want.
Most importantly, there are more opportunities for people to pursue their dreams, unlike Taiwan where the resources are limited and the information that is provided to us is little.

Tell us about your small business and YouTube channel.

My small business is called "Clayfoodies," and the Instagram handle is @clayfoodies.yay. I just started this business last December with the help of two of my friends. We first started by being a vendor of a school event called Holiday Boutique.
We mold clay into food shapes and paint them to make them more realistic. After the clays are shaped and colored, we will make them into accessories and key charms, earrings, necklaces, and hair clips. I also have a YouTube channel: @kama1021. I posted my vlogs and my transformation of life since I was preparing to make a big change in my living status. I recorded how I prepared for U.S. high school and the moments I had in the last month in Taiwan. I will continue to post new videos every month. I was busy working on college applications, so I didn't have enough time to edit videos. In the future there will be more videos about my life in the U.S. I don't have a lot of subscribers and my most-viewed video has only 1,000 views, so I still have a lot of space to grow.

Why should students get involved in extracurricular and community service activities?

Humans are supposed to have community and relationships that create feelings and emotions to make us different from all the other creatures. Getting involved in extracurricular activities and participating in community service is a way for students to develop the skills they need to shape their future performance when they are in the workforce. They will inevitably have to communicate and interact with all kinds of people. Furthermore, it is a good way to explore ourselves and understand what kind of person we are. Once we understand ourselves more, understand how we handle a situation, what we like to do, and so on, we can make the best decisions for ourselves.

How do you find a balance?

Having a good understanding of oneself is especially important in balancing life. I will list out everything that I need to do and want to do and create a schedule that is based on my stress level and availability. When I signed up for too many programs, I eliminated what I think is less beneficial to me and keep what I value the most. I also make plans to do things more efficiently. For example, I will write on my calendar from, date by date, what I have to accomplish to create a rough cut of my video and adding texts. I also make daily plans and know when I have free time to develop interests. Finally, I make plans to ensure I am taking care of my body and that I am not overworked.

What scholarship advice do you have for students?

Don't be afraid to explore opportunities for you. There will be a lot of processes that can stress you out but be bold to attempt them. Be patient to finish them one by one. What's most important is that you are willing to do the research and start the application, because that's what makes you successful.

Why should students use Goodwall?

The Goodwall app gives students a lot of scholarship opportunities and they have a lot of life inspiring messages that can help students be motivated. It also helps you view this society differently through what other users are sharing in this app. H3: Are you a Fastweb Scholarships user? If so, why should students be using Fastweb to find scholarships? Fastweb provides a massive amount of information about scholarship and internship opportunities for high school students. It is an amazing website for students to find a variety of information that schools won't provide. So, students can find opportunities easily and become closer to reaching their goals.

Apply for the Latest Goodwall Scholarship

If you're looking for a scholarship opportunity to help pay for school, consider Goodwall's latest scholarship opportunity:

Enter Goodwall's #VolunteerAbroad Challenge

Deadline: 6/12/23 Available to: High School and College Students Award Amount: $2,000 How to Enter the #VolunteerAbroad Challenge 1. Create your Goodwall Profile. If you already have a Goodwall account, you can skip to the next step. 2. Log into the Goodwall app. 3. Search #VolunteerAbroad to find and join the Challenge. 4. Use your phone to record or upload a short video explaining the cause that's closest to your heart, where you want to volunteer, and why? Share why this social cause is so important to you. Don't forget to tag your video with the #VolunteerAbroad hashtag.

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