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Riley Harrison

Riley Harrison, High School Senior

Riley is a senior at Santa Rosa High School. She has a passion for reading and writing and would love to be an editor someday. Riley is also interested in psychology, especially that of kids and teenagers.

In college, she hopes to study journalism, psychology, and/or sociology. Riley has aspirations of being an editor, magazine writer, therapist, and world traveler.

Riley loves animals; she has volunteered for a nonprofit animal shelter for six years, and has five pets herself. Her family is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants, and they love watching baseball in person.

In her spare time, you'll find Riley reading, going to concerts, playing tennis, and hanging out with friends and family.


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Aggie Kallinicou

Aggie Kallinicou, High School Senior

Aggie is a senior at Fairbanks High School in Ohio. Although she's unsure of what she wants to major in, she hopes to combine her love of both writing and travel into whichever major she chooses.

Throughout high school, Aggie has been involved in soccer, track and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She's also co-editor of the yearbook, writes for her school newspaper, is the secretary of the Interact Club, a member of Science Club and co-chairs the National Honor Society's blood drive committee.

When she isn't busy with school and extracurriculars, Aggie spends her time playing piano, going on mission trips, volunteering at the library and working at an assisted living home for the elderly.

One thing that sets Aggie apart is that she was born abroad in the country of Cyprus. This experience provided a wider cultural awareness and helped her to gain a global perspective. Traveling back to Cyprus sparked a fire within her to travel the world, revealing a multitude of new ideas that she likely would not have discovered otherwise.

Through this experience, she hopes to use her unique perspective to shed a different light on the college admissions process, helping students along the way.


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Laura Magerkurth

Laura Magerkurth, College Senior

Laura is a senior at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where she will graduate in December with a bachelor's degree in communication disorders and a minor in English. She will then continue on to attain her master's in speech-language pathology.

Laura enjoys cooking and baking (and, of course, eating what she makes), reading historical fiction, and trying to learn how to paint. Most recently, she has been spending quite a bit of time researching graduate schools.

Laura also works as the Advancement Chair of the Women's Resource Center of her school, where she plans and executes a variety of events about feminism and women's rights.

This is Laura's fifth year as a student contributor for Fastweb.


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Maya Moritz

Maya Moritz, College Freshman

Maya Moritz is a freshman at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is studying economics and Spanish and will be joining everything from the Yoga Society to the Wine and Cheese Club and Rifle Club.

She looks forward to traveling to Prague, Norway, the Cotswolds and beyond during her time in university.

Her hobbies are skiing, hiking with her dog Bella, reading Ian McEwan and Bret Easton Ellis and watching "Peaky Blinders". She lives in Westfield, New Jersey when not in college.


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McKenzie Nevins

McKenzie Nevins, College Sophomore

Kenzi Nevins is a small-town Kentucky native and a sophomore at Taylor University. She's a professional writing major and theatre minor with a dream of becoming a novelist someday.

For the first semester of her freshman year she studied abroad in Ireland, which was definitely a life-long dream come true!

Kenzi has accidentally become something of a tea connoisseur - she blames it on Ireland and her job in a tea parlor last summer. And we all know what useful skill that is...right?

When she isn't acting, singing, drinking tea or going without shoes (seriously), she writes pretty much all the time. She's just begun to get her first taste of the professional publishing world - and she couldn't be more excited!

One of the biggest lessons she's learned in college so far is that she'll always want travel to be a huge part of her life.


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Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill, College Senior

Ashley Paskill is a (super) senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism. She earned her associate degree in music from Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Ashley hopes to use her passions for both music and writing to be a music journalist. Her dream job is writing for Rolling Stone magazine!

In her free time, Ashley likes spending time with her friends and family, singing in her church choir, and doing crafts. Her favorite musicians include Hall and Oates and Chris Tomlin. Ashley's favorite TV show is "Live From Daryl's House," but she has to watch it online since she does not get the channel it is on.


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Madison Sheldrake

Madison Sheldrake, High School Senior

Madison Sheldrake is a senior at Clear Lake High School in Houston, Texas. She plans on majoring in English, while also studying creative writing, to eventually teach English at a high school level (and continue with her writing).

Madison's involvement on the school yearbook and newspaper staffs fuel her passion for writing. She loves reading and is working towards publishing a novel of her own someday. She is involved in many clubs at school and is an officer in most of them.

She started a club of her own, The Write Club, for students like her who have the same love for writing. Last year her short story "The Moon and The Stars" was selected to compete on Reflection's regional level and she also participated in the UIL competition in Journalism.

This past summer, Madison held a part time job and also did an internship at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center to learn the ways of an archivist.

When she is not reading, writing or working, Madison enjoys drawing and listening to music. She is trying to teach herself to play the guitar as well. She is very involved in church and is president of her youth group.


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