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6 Ways to Say Thank You, Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

6 Ways to Say Thank You, Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
How to wish her a Happy Mother's Day on a student budget in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.
Mother’s Day weekend is upon us, and it is undoubtedly an unusual time to celebrate the #1 lady in your life. The Coronavirus outbreak may prevent you from getting together with your Mom, or caregiver, in person – so how can you celebrate? Fortunately, these times have also called for creative measures to get together and show loved ones you care. With that, here are some great ideas to celebrate the day while also protecting your Mom, Grandma or caregiver. Looking for more COVID-19 student-impact information? Find it here.

1. Schedule a Zoom call.

You might say that Zoom is the MVP of Coronavirus Quarantine. The teleconferencing app allows you to make an audio or video call with one person or a large group. For Mother’s Day, you can schedule a meeting between you and your Mom – or you could go all out and schedule a party. Talk to your siblings or anyone else that you want to invite to your Mother’s Day celebration, and work on the perfect time to call Mom. She would love to think she was just chatting with you, only to reveal that you got her whole brood together once she joins the Zoom call. Make signs to hang behind you that she can see with words of encouragement or appreciation just for her.

2. Write a letter.

It is truly the simplest thing you could do to celebrate Mother’s Day; however, it will go a LONG way in showing your love and appreciation for your Mom, Grandma or caregiver this year. Why? Because a letter is a great way to express just how much your Mom means to you. Use the letter to name the qualities about her that you especially admire. Or jot down a few of your favorite memories with Mom. If this sounds a little too sappy, write down instances that were her funniest moments that you can remember. Whatever the case, this old-fashioned way of communicating will be something she adores and stores away for the rest of her life. Trust us.

3. Make a keepsake for her.

Just like your Kindergarten artwork, there is nothing that will pass the test of time like “homemade” keepsakes. There are a few things you can make on short notice to celebrate this weekend. First, you and your siblings, if you’re in the same place, could recreate an old family photo from your childhood, which is a trend that made big waves a few years ago. You could also make a photo book filled with memories, from your childhood all the way up to present day, with same-day photo books from Walgreens. If you’re especially artistically gifted you could give her a rendering of your home (similar to these), her favorite flowers or a portrait of her that you’ve copied from an old photograph.

4. Send flowers, cakes or macarons.

Because of Coronavirus, many small businesses and local restaurants are offering delivery, which wasn’t necessarily the case for most places two months ago. If your Mom has a favorite local retailer, meal or dessert, consider sending her something to mark the special holiday. One thing that hasn’t changed through all of this: flower delivery. Contact the local florist in your Mom’s town to arrange delivery. Or, use a nationwide flower delivery service to get her a bouquet on time. Whatever the case, you can send something simple to let your Mom know that you miss and love her.

5. Arrange a picnic lunch in a park.

If you and your Mom are both comfortable with seeing one another, you can celebrate Mother’s Day while practicing social distancing. Many local parks are opening up to hikers and bikers. Take advantage of these openings by scheduling a picnic in the park. On the way to the park, pick up your Mom’s favorite meal. Each of you should bring your own blanket to sit on in the park; that way, you can respect local social distancing policies while still seeing one another in the flesh. Though it will be hard not to hug your Mom, her safety being your top priority can be another great gift on Mother’s Day.

6. Reschedule Mother’s Day for later in the summer.

Finally, if celebrating your Mom in person with a huge hug is vital to you both, suggest moving Mother’s Day to sometime this summer. Thankfully, many states are beginning to lift stay-at-home orders, and over the next few weeks, it will be safer to see family in person and maybe even go to a restaurant! Crazy, right?! Send your Mom a “Save the Date” in the mail. Let her know that you would love to celebrate with her when the time is right, and it’s safe for you both. Again, this year’s circumstances aren’t ideal, but Mom does not have to feel any less loved as a result. In fact, doing anything for her at all is guaranteed to make her feel more special than she ever has on Mother’s Day. We hope you’re inspired by the above – share with us how you plan to celebrate the #1 woman in your life this Mother’s Day Weekend!

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