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Student Jobs to Boost Your Resume

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 10, 2019

Student Jobs to Boost Your Resume
If you haven't done so already, head to the employment office at your school to explore your options!
There’s more to student jobs than making money, if you plan it out correctly. While any part-time work can give you an edge, there are some jobs in particular that really boost your hiring potential. If you haven’t done so already, head to the employment office at your college and explore your options.
According to U.S. News and World Report, the following jobs will “turbocharge” your resume and boost your job prospects upon graduation. Social Media Coordinator A job as social media coordinator allows utilizing social media to spread a college or employer’s message through mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It will help hone in on your communication skills and enhances your knowledge on the latest in technology.
Any media experience is experience, which is especially great for any majors involved within the communications field. Campus Brand Ambassador Companies ranging from Google to Coca-Cola Co. hire campus ambassadors to do a variety of tasks. Many are as simple as wearing a logo or sending a tweet about a company’s products.
Such opportunities often give an inside edge on a job prospect after college and allow students to learn sales and marketing skills in the meantime. Help Desk Staffer or Computer Salesperson By working at a computer-based job, you’ll not only gain technical skills but problem-solving skills as well. You’ll also likely gain knowledge about computer software that will aid your future job search. Office of Institutional Research Assistant The Office of Institutional deals with surveying students and their families, the school’s alumni, professors and staff. Working as a research assistant for the office will allow you to get to talk to every type of person involved with the college about their experiences, perceptions and other data. In addition, you’ll likely get to understand the data through analyzing what it means – which is a great tool for jobs like consulting, for example. Career Center Staffer A staff position in the career center helps train a student on talking to all types of people and evaluating opportunities, both of which will aid in the job and interview process. You’ll also gain experience and knowledge while job-searching and in reading others, which are critical life skills.
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Group Exercise Teacher Anything exercise-involved will obviously have a health benefit. In addition, it will show that you can motivate and encourage others when they’re at their weakest. Teaching, in general, also speaks to your reliability, since you cannot just skip a class others are taking or, if working at a private gym, have paid and signed up for. Chief Executive of Your Own Startup It’s definitely easier said than done, but almost everyone has had an idea at one point or another that he or she didn’t follow through with creating. Why not take that idea and put it into action? Doing so will show that you’re a self-starter, can market yourself and are willing to take risks. Additionally, students running their own small business will learn practical life skills such as filing taxes or, if you employ staff, understanding payroll.

What other jobs have you had that helped with job or life experience?

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