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McDonald’s Announces $500,000 HACER Scholarship Program

Learn how you could win a $100,000 scholarship from McDonald’s.

Shawna Newman

November 15, 2022

McDonald’s Announces $500,000 HACER Scholarship Program
High school seniors of Hispanic descent should apply!
What’s better than McDonald’s fries or the McRib on its farewell tour? Money to help you pay for college, of course! For the 37th year, the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship program is offering 30 Hispanic students access to higher education with the help of college scholarships.
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McDonald’s HACER Scholarship

This McDonald’s scholarship is for high school seniors looking to attend a two- or four-year university or college as full-time students. This scholarship is offered in three tiers: • Tier 1 Recipients: Awarded up to $100,000 • Tier 2 Recipients: Awarded $20,000 or $10,000 • Tier 3 Recipients: Awarded up to $5,000 According to a McDonald’s, since 1985, the McDonald's HACER National Scholarship is one of the largest college scholarship programs and “has awarded $33 million to help Hispanic students attend college.” Scholarship winners will also be a part of a network of more than 17,000 Hispanic college students from more than three decades.

McDonald’s HACER Scholarship Eligibility

Like other scholarships, there are eligibility requirements for the McDonald’s HACER scholarship.
In order to apply for this scholarship, you must be/have: • A high school senior. • A legal resident of the United States or a DREAMer/DACA recipient • Younger than 21-years old. • Eligible to attend a two- or four-year college as a full-time student, attending an accredited institution. • At least one parent of a Hispanic heritage. • Willing to disclose other scholarships you’ve applied for.

How to Apply for the Scholarship Program

The McDonald’s HACER More Scholarship's application process is simple; it does not require an essay, but candidates that make it to level two will participate in a scholarship interview. Your personal interview will be an opportunity for you to highlight your personal qualities and strengths as well as your Hispanic heritage. Interested students can apply until February 6, 2023, and will need to have these required documents: • High school transcripts • Personal statementsLetter of recommendationList of community service projectsFAFSA report and/or 1040s

Apply for the McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship

Deadline: 2/6/23
Award Amount: $100,000

Winning the McDonald’s HACER More Scholarship: TIPS

According to McDonalds' HACER Scholarship Website, scholarship winners are selected based upon the four following principles:
  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Like other merit scholarships, you’ll need to meet Grade Point Average requirements. This McDonald’s scholarship program requires at least a 2.8 GPA. The higher your GPA the better.
  3. Financial Need
  4. McDonald’s understands the pandemic has made things harder for many American families. In fact, their scholarship press release mentions Pew Research Center’s data that “...half of Hispanics said they worry daily or nearly every day about financial issues like paying their bills, the amount of debt they carry and the cost of health care, and more.” Your FAFSA reflects how much money your family can contribute to fund your college education. The scholarship committee will consider this number to help them choose award winners.
  5. Community Involvement
  6. Students offering help for their local communities showcases their willingness to give back and their eagerness to learn. Compassion is a wonderful element that can fuel community growth, and scholarship judges know this.
  7. Personal Strengths
  8. Student resiliency reflects your ambition to achieve. It’s likely the HACER More Scholarship committee will want to hear ways you’ve overcame obstacles—those related to your heritage, COVID-19, and more. It doesn't hurt to document your story via a personal essay.
In addition to the four specifications listed above, there are other important insider tips and secrets to winning scholarships.

More Scholarship Opportunities

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