Minority Scholarships to Help You Pay for College

A college campus filled with a variety of cultures & backgrounds enhances the learning experience!

Shawna Newman

January 19, 2021

College scholarship opportunities exist for American students with a variety of heritages & backgrounds.
Minority Scholarships to Help You Pay for College
In 1976, college campuses looked a lot different than they do today. Over 80% of the students attending college were Caucasian, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Now, however, the NCES reports that minorities comprise over 33% of the number of students enrolled in college—that’s more than double the amount that were attending 30 years ago. This percentage continues to rise every single year, and that is in large part due to the fact that there are more financial aid opportunities available for minority students to attend college. Universities are looking for ways to offer scholarships and to focus college funding on degree programs for this small, but valuable group of students. The world has taken notice of racial inequality, including the world of higher education in the United States.
In 2020, a nursing scholarship, the Breonna Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund from the University of Louisville was established. The purpose of this fund was to honor EMT, Breonna Taylor and to encourage minority students to get their degree. According to Forbes, “The scholarship will provide full tuition and fees at the University of Louisville for four years. There will be a preference for a Black female who is a resident of Kentucky when selecting the recipient.” Millions of dollars in scholarship programs are created each year to encourage inclusivity at colleges and universities. Providing additional support for minorities to achieve their academic goals and career dreams. Fastweb’s research team is constantly updating and adding these scholarships to our database—ensuring there are plenty of financial aid opportunities for minority students.
With the help of minority scholarships, you can achieve success in the classroom as well as in the working world, encouraging other minority students to dream big and work hard toward their goals. Below is a sampling of the minority scholarships that exist in our database—filling out a profile may match you to minority scholarships at your school of choice. On Fastweb, we've organized tons of scholarship opportunities into categories, such as ethnicity, race and even gender-specific opportunities as well. Check out Fastweb’s Scholarship Directory to find awards by school year, ethnicity, race, community service, unique situations and more! Check out lists detailing opportunities, like:
Scholarships for African American Students
This list includes financial aid opportunities for today’s black students. This list totals more than $252,000 in scholarship support. From college-bound high school seniors to students at the graduate level, there are many internships and grants available.
Scholarships for Asian Pacific American Students
These scholarships are geared for Asian American students. The list includes scholarships focused on journalism, computer science, law, engineering and more!
Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students
This list embraces the Hispanic and Latino culture through educational scholarships. It contains scholarships, both academic and merit based, exclusively for Hispanic students.
LGBTQ Community Scholarships
Showcasing inclusivity this list includes more than 35 scholarships for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer students, AND their allies.
Scholarships for Women
(Don't worry, there's a list with scholarships for men, too!) Female college students can also find funding to help them earn a degree. Some universities celebrate women by encouraging them, and offering funding for those interested in the STEM fields. Is your specific scholarship category not listed? Check out the scholarship directory for more opportunities!
Scholarship Directory

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