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Internet Pioneer Fastweb Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Lauren Bayne Anderson

June 23, 2010

Internet Pioneer Fastweb Celebrates its 15th Anniversary
Kantrowitz said the company has continued to grow over the years because it has focused first on the needs of its members. “Fastweb has done well by doing good,” Kantrowitz said. “Fastweb’s long term focus on serving the needs of students and families has helped Fastweb remain the most popular scholarship matching site. And we continue to work on innovative ways of helping families plan and pay for college.” Today, Fastweb also provides members with student life articles and open discussion boards to allow students to communicate with other students preparing to go to school.This year, in conjunction with its parent company,, Fastweb has expanded its part-time jobs and internships section to include jobs from MonsterCollege.

Fastweb's basic homepage in 1996.

After 15 years of helping students in their quest for an affordable education, a lot has changed, but the basics are still the same. What began as a free online matching service remains so today. Fastweb has always been 100 percent free to its members and the site’s mission is unchanged: help students pay for school. Fastweb continues to guide students through the confusing world of financial aid, and to provide practical insights on how to get in and make the most of their college education. And with 1.5 million scholarships in the database today, worth over $3.4 billion, Fastweb is still the leading scholarship search provider. After 15 years, Fastweb is still going strong. Here’s to 15 more!

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