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How to Find a Part Time Job

A Fastweb Student Contributor shares her advice for finding a part time job.

Student Contributor, Mary Bellm

May 21, 2021

How to Find a Part Time Job
Find a part time job just in time for summer.
Besides the fact that a little extra cash is always a plus for college students due to unforeseen expenses, part time jobs are great for a number of reasons, including experience and time management while you’re in college. A few basic tips before you commit to a job are to make sure your job will fit your class schedule. Don’t take on too many hours at the cost of your schoolwork, and be smart about what job you pick! If you’re at a loss at how to find one, there’s a few things you could do, so let’s dive in below!

Look Local

Other than word of mouth, looking locally around your college or wherever you call home can be a great resource for a part time job, either for the summer or for during the school years. Bulletin boards, Facebook groups, and asking your neighbors if you run into them could all help you land a part time job! You also have an advantage, since you probably know what’s popular in your area and what places could need a bit of extra help during their busy seasons.
Professors or teachers also might have an idea for a job! Don’t hesitate to talk to your favorite professor or teacher in case they are looking for students to send in a certain direction for a job they heard about. If your college career center has a virtual or physical job board, it’s a pretty good idea to use it. In addition to part time jobs, the job you take could help you to make connections for the future, whether that’s another part time job or full time job.
It’s even better if you can find a part time job that would feed into your chosen career that is local--think a part time sales or secretary position at a local advertising agency for Marketing, or a job with some landscaping or mowing lawns if you’re planning on working outdoors as your career! You would get experience in your chosen career, build your resume, and help out somewhere close to you.

Look Online

First, it’s a great idea to use’s Search Engine for finding any new job, including part time jobs for college students! It’s really simple to use and it always turns out a lot of results.
You can search by Job Title, Keyword, Location, or use any of the pre-written search options listed below the search bar. Pop in some keywords related to your major or minor if you want to find a similar part-time job. For example, for an English major, you can try Part Time Copywriter; or for Marketing, try Part Time Sales! This is a great specific way to find a job that can be tailored for your resume and future career. If you want to look for other online resources, Fastweb has a bunch of various tip sheets for finding part time jobs, including Finding the Right Type of Part-Time Job. I’ve looked into them for some tips and ideas for when I began my part-time job search, and they do some great research, similar to Monster! If you’re at the point where you have no clue where to start looking online, Monster has a great and comprehensive list of ideas for part time jobs that you can start with! Monster's list provides basic descriptions of what daily activities could be and what you could potentially earn for numerous, popular part time jobs. A lot of industries have part time positions available, and some of the most popular industries are the service, retail, or education fields due to the amount of people they serve. Monster also has a Career Advice section and a Salary Tools section for before, during, or after you land your part time or full time job. Be sure to check into all of the great articles Monster has posted! With everything that’s been said above, if a part time job in your future career field isn’t in the cards right now, don’t worry about what it will look like listed on your resume. Chances are, even if it’s a job as a cashier, waiter/waitress, or tutor, there are applicable skills that can be transferred to your future career. As long as you are confident in how you will spin your part time job to a future employer, you’re all set--experience in any field is important to show work ethic, and it will give you a great reference for future job hunting. Good luck!

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