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Cool Holiday Part-Time Jobs

Looking for a job this holiday season? Consider these alternative options to retail.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 29, 2020

Cool Holiday Part-Time Jobs
Ideas for cool part time jobs during the holiday season.
Working in retail as a sales associate isn't for every person (or every student). And, when you think of seasonal hiring, retail stores are likely what comes to mind at first. But, there are holiday jobs hiring for every type of student. In fact, it's already projected that top companies are now hiring for the 2020 holiday season. Discover different types of seasonal positions you can find this holiday season. Taking on a seasonal student job can help you save and/or help you pay for college for tuition and beyond. Characters and Entertainers
You’ve heard it time and time again—you’re such a character or you’re such a ham. If you love attention and entertaining others, there is a seasonal position just for you. Many retail organizations hire characters to help bolster holiday sales. A good Santa or Easter Bunny can have a significant effect on store sales. To successfully play a character, you need to love children, have a good sense of humor, be flexible and have a strong back. Only dependable candidates need apply—i.e. if you’re anything like Bad Santa, look elsewhere for a holiday job.
Secret Agents Picture yourself incognito, skulking through the aisles of electronics as shoppers scurry through the store. Suddenly, you spot a shoplifter and radio for backup. Sound intriguing? Undercover security or loss prevention might be the ticket you need to exit your 9-to-5 job. Stores increase security personnel during peak buying times. Candidates with police backgrounds or security experience are encouraged to apply. Before you fill out your application, be sure your background is pristine. Security personnel usually undergo extensive background checks prior to being hired.
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Also, consider spying on stores as well. Many companies hire Secret Shoppers to gage the shopping experience. You’ll be able to report back about the interaction you had with store employees as well as cleanliness and wait times. Store Ambassadors Have you ever walked out of a store because you couldn’t find a sales associate? If so, you’re not alone. Large retailers and specialty retailers are recognizing the importance of greeting customers at the point of entry, particularly during peak shopping times. Store ambassadors are strategically placed at the front of the store to welcome and direct customers to the appropriate department or salesperson. If you enjoy putting together a puzzle’s pieces, this might be the job for you. Ambassadors need to assess quickly who can best service each customer’s needs. Individuals with strong problem-solving skills and friendly, outgoing personalities are prime candidates for these types of jobs. Troubleshooters Wanted: Someone who can make angry shoppers happy while they wait in long lines the day after Christmas. Joyful holiday shoppers often return to the store as tired, worn-out customers. They have bags of items to exchange or return, and the last thing they want to hear is a company policy read to them. A calm personality and the ability to multitask will make you an ideal candidate for this type of customer service representative. In-Store Demonstration Personnel Are you glued to the TV when “Emeril Live” is on? Do you know how to perfectly fold an omelet? You may be ready to take your show on the road. All great chefs have to start somewhere. Why not as an in-store demonstrator? Such people are in high demand throughout the year, particularly during peak buying times. They do more than just prepare and hand out free samples. They engage customers and create interest in the products they represent. They are in the business of sales. Don’t worry if you can’t boil an egg. Stores need people to demonstrate technical products, such as computer printers and sewing machines, too. This is a great way to get some hands-on sales experience. Candidates with an outgoing personality are encouraged to apply. Warehouse & Distribution Centers It may depend on your definition of "cool," but more companies than ever before are hiring for warehouse and distribution center positions. Online sales are higher than ever before and companies need to hire seasonal workers to keep up with orders throughout the holiday season. If interacting with customers isn't your thing, these types of positions may be perfect for you. The list of cool seasonal jobs goes on and on. Professional seasonal workers know this is a great way to try out new things, make some extra cash and have time off to pursue other interests. Gift Wrapping Is wrapping gifts your favorite part of the holiday season. Then we have a great seasonal job for you! Many department stores, retail store and, even, shopping malls offer gift wrapping services. Have fun and get creative while bringing joy to customers this holiday season by applying for a seasonal gift wrapping position. These positions are highly coveted, so start applying early! To find part-time jobs in your area, check out part-time jobs on Fastweb.

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