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Benefits of Part-Time Jobs: Tuition Assistance, Scholarships, Internships & More

Kathryn Knight Randolph

November 10, 2019

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs: Tuition Assistance, Scholarships, Internships & More
Think strategically about your next part-time job.
Sometimes, a part-time job can be so much more than a part-time job. These days, a part-time job can come with perks beyond the paycheck. What’s more, these perks can actually help you pay for college or pave the way for your career after graduation. So the next time you look for a part-time job, you should strategize. Here’s what you should look for:

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance, once a benefit for full-time workers only, is now being made available to part-time employees. This benefit provides students with monetary assistance to help pay for either a local college or online education. In some cases, students must work a certain amount of hours each week to qualify or be employed for a specific period of time. However, it’s worth finding or holding on to a part-time job that offers tuition assistance given that rewards can be a few thousand dollars each year. While employers can set the amount of tuition assistance provided, the IRS caps the amount a student can receive each year at $5,250.


Many employers provide scholarship opportunities for their part-time employees. Companies that offer these scholarships range from small, local businesses to large, big-box corporations. As you search for part-time jobs, check the HR section of the website for employee benefits and opportunities. If you work for a local business, ask your manager or check the break room bulletin board for scholarships. Unlike tuition assistance, there will be an application process for scholarships and only one or a few individuals will be selected. Still, it’s definitely worth it to apply for these opportunities given that the competition pool is much smaller than other scholarship competitions.
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Part-time jobs can also set you up for internships, which are key to a student’s learning experience as well as future career path. Oftentimes, networking is half the battle when it comes to finding an internship. However, if you’ve worked part-time with an employer or within an industry that interests you, your former part-time job offers you a foot in the door for a deeper look at the profession via an internship.

Experience and Full-Time Offers

Finally, look for an opportunity to grow. Part-time jobs provide students with the work experience they need to find a future job. Upon graduation, you’ll find that you may have little in the way to offer a future employer, but past part-time jobs can provide all of the knowledge and skill you’ll need. Furthermore, they can actually lead to a full-time job offer after college, depending on the business and industry. If you happen to land a part-time job in the field or industry that you’d love to work in after graduation, stick with the company – because they just might want to stick with you after graduation too.

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