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Your College Checklist for an Exciting New School Year

Ashley Paskill

August 22, 2016

Your College Checklist for an Exciting New School Year
Utilizing services available and participating in campus events will make for an awesome school year!
As a new school year begins, there are several opportunities for students to embrace through their campuses. From activities on campus to career planning, students have many resources to take advantage of through their campus. Utilizing services available and participating in campus events will make for an awesome school year!
Interact with your professors.
Whether you arrive early for class, stay after class, or attend office hours, getting to know your professors is important. Chances are your professors had experience in the field you are majoring in. This can provide you with valuable information and connections. Also, if you are struggling with the class, asking questions will help you get what you need to succeed. Even if you do not get your ideal grade, your professor will see your effort and may round your grade up if you are on the border.
Join a student organization.
Colleges and universities have clubs and organizations for any interest, whether you are into music, sports, or anything in between. Being involved in an organization based around your major allows you to meet people with similar interests and gain valuable experience for your resume. If you are an upperclassman who is already part of an organization, consider taking on a leadership role.
Visit the career center.
Whether you are a senior in search of a job after graduation or a freshman looking to start your first resume, the career center on campus has everything you need. It is never too early to start thinking about jobs and internships that will boost your career once you graduate. Spend time doing things each day that will make your resume stand out to internship and job employers.
Explore your college town.
There’s always something to explore, whether you’re going to school in a big city or a small town. Try a restaurant off campus that is not a chain restaurant. Go to a concert at a local music venue to support an up-and-coming artist. Learn about your town’s history and visit the important sites. Support local families by shopping at small businesses. Every college town has a lot of things that are unique and different. These things will be the most memorable experiences.
Attend campus events.
There are numerous events for any interest from student recitals and sporting events to guest lectures. You have the opportunity to make friends who share common interests and network with those in your chosen career. Campus events also give you an opportunity to learn something new or to see if a topic that looks interesting could be something you pursue. Look in your school newspaper, on bulletin boards, or online for upcoming events that you want to attend.
Make friends in your classes.
Form study groups to go over assignments and review for exams. People in your classes, particularly those related to your major, are people you may end up working with someday. They may know of internships that you may be interested in. If you have a difficult teacher or overall class, the friends you make in the class will help you through the difficult days by venting about the challenges you all face together.

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