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Year Planner: College Freshmen


August 21, 2019

Year Planner: College Freshmen
Start your college career off organized.
<h2>August - September  Familiarize yourself with: health center, student center, libraries, gym, cafeterias, financial aid office, academic department offices, etc.   Take care of any remaining financial aid paperwork or wrinkles. Introduce yourself to the financial aid officer.  Purchase books and class materials. Save money by buying used books.
 Research local banking options and open a checking account. If you're planning to get a credit card, read the fine print on all offers.  Set up a budget and time-management guidelines.  Map out the classes you'll need to take for the next four years. Make sure to consider options like study abroad, co-op and double majors in your plan.
 Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss courses, extracurricular activities and career building options.  Join clubs and activities in your area of interest. Fraternity and sorority rush may be in this term too.  Make travel plans for Thanksgiving and winter break. Check local travel agencies for student discounts.
 Study for midterms and finals!

October - December

 Select next term's classes.  Gather financial records and materials you need for the FAFSA. The form is available October 1.  Start building relationships with teachers, counselors and activity supervisors. This will help you obtain recommendations for jobs and graduate school.  If you plan on transferring to another college, complete and mail your applications. Many colleges have a December 31 deadline.  Make travel plans for winter break.


 Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 to increase your chances of receiving aid.  Revise your budget and time-management guide.  Renew your financial aid package for next year.  Start applying for scholarships from private organizations. Check your FastWeb search results for new scholarships.  Arrange dorm or apartment housing for next year. Also, applications to be an R.A. are usually due in the spring.  Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss plans for summer and next fall.  Apply for summer jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.  Register for fall classes.

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