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Why AP Courses Are So Important

Ryan Smith, Student Contributor

November 09, 2017

Why AP Courses Are So Important
There are pros and cons to taking AP courses – read on to get the details and to help determine if taking them on is right for you.
AP classes are much harder than your average high school class because you’re basically taking a college class. Knowing this, it gives you a good experience on how some college classes will be. There are pros and cons to taking AP courses – read on to get the details and to help determine if taking them on is right for you.
Keep up with your AP classes
Most courses require a lot of homework, this may be dreaded by most students but it will help you later on. Doing work at home is a pain, and in college, it's the same, so doing a lot of homework in high school will help when you are adjusting to college life.
College Credit
Some colleges will offer college credit to students who score high enough on their AP exam. Getting college credits in high school will make college a little easier. Colleges also look at how rigorous your class schedule was through high school. Having a few AP classes over the course of your high school career may give you an edge in terms of being accepted.
I cannot stress it enough: Do not miss your classes. AP classes are very fast moving and cover a lot of new material. Missing a day gets you behind and it can be hard playing catch-up. Obviously, there will be days when you are way too sick to go to school but always try to be there. Make sure to schedule any appointments so it does not overlap with you AP class. And maybe hold off on skipping days until the course is over.
AP exams can be very hard depending on the course you are taking. The number one reason people do not do well is because they are simply not prepared. The best way to prepare yourself is to go 100% all semester, there may be times where it will be hard but you have to push through.
Also, do your homework, classwork, and take as much notes as you need to, they will be valuable. Schools require different scores for AP classes to count as college credit so always do the best you can.
Is it worth it?
If you can handle a difficult class, then YES, it is worth it. Doing well in an AP class does require intelligence, but you also need to be responsible. Taking AP classes will help you learn these values and serve as a great form of college prep. However, you do not want to force AP class on yourself. If do not think you can handle it, don't do it. But if you can handle it, be sure to keep up with it. It should serve as an extremely valuable learning experience.

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