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Whose Your Landlord?

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 14, 2016

Whose Your Landlord?
It’s time to take back power from the landlords, once and for all!
It’s time to take back power from the landlords, once and for all! A rental or lease agreement should be just that – an agreement between two parties, each being held accountable for their actions. Students are often taken advantage of, especially near campuses.
There’s a helpful site, Whose Your Landlord, looking to change that dynamic.
Similar to “Rate My Professors,” this site is specifically designed to inform prospective tenants about landlords, both good and bad. Before you comment on the grammatically incorrect usage of "whose" being a typo – you should know that it isn't one. According to the site, “purposefully use the possessive form of the word 'who' because [they] are now returning the ownership back to the tenants.”
Curious? So were we. Here’s how the site is described, in their own words: “’Whose Your Landlord’ gives the tenants a voice and places the power into the hands of the people it should be in. This site is an open area for you to tell us about the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to dealing with your past landlords.” The web site encourages users to “be tasteful, honest and open in describing their past experiences with their landlords and/or housing units.”
In addition, they ask that people “please refrain from using this site as a bash-fest against landlords and companies you’ve dealt with in the past.” Doing so will help others make informed decisions regarding housing in their areas, something people often had to rely on hearsay for, anyway. Now, at least, all of the hearsay is compiled into one accessible spot, so that users can make decisions based upon others’ experiences. In addition, residence halls at various colleges are detailed and rated, give students the capability of judging which on-campus housing suits them best before move-in day. Though not too many schools are on the site just yet, they’re working on adding more schools (and their residence halls) as well as allowing users to add their own schools in the near future. Now, why didn’t we think of that?

Did you find this site helpful? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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