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Top 6 Cities for Recent College Graduates

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 11, 2017

Top 6 Cities for Recent College Graduates
Six metro areas stood out in a recent study as the top locations for new college graduates.
After graduating college, students must make a significant life decision: where to live. For new graduates, making this choice requires the consideration of factors such as housing affordability, availability within the job market as well as income. This can be difficult, since economic factors change each year. Good news: a recent Trulia study completed all the legwork for you and lists the top locations for new grads looking to put down roots. Here are a few factors to keep in mind regarding the parameters of the study:
• Graduates were defined as 22-27 years old with a bachelor’s degree
• Employment opportunities: Which jobs are grad-friendly (entry-level or requiring a bachelor’s degree)?
• Income earned by college grads / median income: Can graduates comfortably afford to live there?
Once locations were crossed with employment opportunities available to recent graduates were crossed with whether or not graduates could afford to live in each area, six metro areas stood out in the study as the top locations for new college graduates. Below find the top six locations, according to a Trulia study, listed in no particular order. We’ve also included the area’s top asset in terms of the considered factors.

Dayton, Ohio

Dayton takes the number one ranking in terms of affordability – 42.8% of rentals were found to be affordable for graduates.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit takes the number three slot in affordability so finding housing there should be a breeze.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle stands out in terms of employment opportunities: 23.7% of job listings are available to new college graduates.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

New grads can find the best of both worlds in this city, as it ranks number 17 in terms of affordability and number 37 in employment opportunities.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford lands within the top 10 median income for college graduates with a median monthly personal income of $2,890.

Baltimore, Maryland

In Baltimore, recent graduates don’t have to choose between a great job or great salary: the market allows grads to take advantage of both. Learn more about the details and methodology behind this study.

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