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Three Scholarship Types

Student Contributor, Ailani Ocasio

October 13, 2020

Three Scholarship Types
The college application is complicated and by its own, can take months to complete. Even more so, when we add the stress and anxiety of thinking about how we’re going to pay for the colleges we are applying to. That’s where scholarships come in. This process can be one of the most daunting, nonetheless, I hope these basic points of information along with a few tips, can serve as a source of guidance for you. Types of scholarships available:

Academic and Merit Scholarships

These are awarded if you perform incredibly well academically, or if you are awesomely talented artistically (this may include many different areas of the arts). For these cases, you’ll probably be asked for your grades/GPA, test scores and graduation ranking.
Depending on what scholarship you are applying to, they may also ask for leadership roles, extracurricular activities, and community engagement examples. One cool thing about these types of scholarships is that, in some instances, universities award you based on your academic portfolio, without you going through the process of applying for an additional merit-based scholarship. Tip: Don’t stress if you think you’re not eligible for this type of scholarship. Follow your own pace and develop your unique abilities and talents.

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships take a different approach. The previously mentioned scholarships are mostly found in the internet and the participant submits their information through the organization’s page.
However, to obtain an athletic scholarship you must contact different coaches from the universities you’re interested in and send them a portfolio/resume. For example, I have a classmate that plays golf and wants to study in the U.S. Currently, he is competing in the states and contacting different coaches to watch him play. Though, this process may sound a little complicated it is definitely worth a try if you are interested in pursuing this type of scholarship. Tip: Work hard on both the academics and the athletics.

Essay scholarships

These are scholarships awarded for outstanding essays. Awards vary between organizations but they are a pretty good way of practicing your writing skills. If you are an avid writer, they are a good way to earn money for an activity that you like doing. Tip: Remember to answer what the essay prompt. Go out-of-the-box creatively, but stay inside the essay theme.

Finding Scholarships

Even after becoming scholarship savvy, the question still stands “where do I find these scholarships?” The Scholarship National Directory by Fastweb! Check out these scholarships I found: • Coca-Cola Scholars FoundationScholarshipPoints $10,000 ScholarshipCreate-Greeting Card Scholarship Contest

Choosing Scholarships

• Apply for scholarships related to your interests. • Apply for local scholarships. The chances of winning are greater. • Use your own voice in essays/written work. • Remember to fill out all the requirements. • Don’t be afraid to go for scholarships that ask for a lot of work. With fewer participants, you have greater chances. Happy searching...Until next time!

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