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30 Fun Ways to Customize Your Locker

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 08, 2017

30 Fun Ways to Customize Your Locker
Check out these fun ways to customize and decorate your locker!
Back to school time means it’s time to start thinking about fun ways you can think about decorating your locker. It doesn’t need to be expensive, either. We’ve gathered up 30 fun ways you can customize and organize your locker, half which you can DIY and half which you can purchase at the store for reasonable amounts. Check out the following fun back to school locker decorating ideas:


1. DIY Clothespin Magnets
2. DIY Locker Organizer
3. DIY Locker Wallpaper
4. DIY Locker Accessories
5. Bottle Cap Magnets
6. Emergency Locker Kit
7. Washi Tape Locker Accessories
8. Faux Vintage Zinc Locker Baskets
9. Upcycled CD Locker Set
10. Magnetic Tiffany Bag Organizing Set
11. Mini Frame Magnets
12. Magnetic Mirror and Bulletin Board
13. Rhinestone Magnets
14. Color Block Cork Clock
15. Paint Chip Locker Chandelier


1. Locker Cork Framed Locker Mirror, Magnetic, $4.99
2. "Best Day Ever" Essentials Pocket, $19.50
3. Locker String Lights, $5.99
4. Slim Magnetic Dry Erase Boards, $9.99 each
5. Dry Erase Decal Calendar, $14.50
6. Pendant Locker Light, $24.50
7. Magnetic Ceramic Vase, $4.99 each
8. Decal Mirrors, $14.50
9. "Seize the Day" Locker Essentials Pocket, $19.50
10. Locker Pendant Light, $24.50
11. Glitter Cat Memo Board, $39.90
12. Locker Disco Ball, $14.99
13. Teal Dottie Locker Rug, $12.50
14. Gold Metallic Polka Dot Locker Wallpaper, $9.99
15. Locker Lookz Locker Wallpaper, $24.99

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